A 60 Year Old Woman With Angina Is Prescribed 135 mg Verapamil

A 60 year old woman with angina is prescribed 135mg Verapamil t.d.s, stock strength available is 90mg. How many tablets will she need to take for each dose (expressed in decimal)? 

375mg of the drug Augmentin is prescribed t.d.s.What is the total amount of Augmentin in grams to be given in a day?

The drug Dopamine is prescribed at 2.5micrograms/kg/day. Patient A weighs 65kg, what is the total amount of Dopamine that Patient A will need?

A female patient who weighs 65.5kg is prescribed the antibiotic Cidomycin 3 mg/kg/day i.v. Calculate the dose in mg of Cidomycin?

A patient is prescribed Heparin 10,000units s.c. Stock strength available is 4000 units in 0.2mL. What is the volume in mL that the patient will receive?

Patient Y is prescribed Furosemide 70 mg i.v to be added to 40mL of Normal Saline

0.9%. Stock strength available is Furosemide 20mg/2mL. How many …


A : 1.5 mg Explanation : Half of 90 mg is 45 mg . To get to the 135 mg dosage she would need ! tablet ( 90 m g ) plus half a tablet ( 45 mg ) = 135 mg

Eva is a 60-year-old Hispanic American woman living in the United States with her 22-year-old granddaughter, Elizabeth. Eva and Elizabeth receive housing assistance from a program that you manage. At their last appointment, Eva’s granddaughter asked you about what could be done to help Eva “feel better.” Elizabeth explained that Eva seems withdrawn, quiet, and uninterested in events. After some discussion, you recommend that Eva seek help from a mental health professional. Elizabeth and Eva question your recommendation, mentioning that Eva has recently seen her family doctor and attends church regularly.

Initial Post: min 150 world

Discuss your initial reaction to the case. As a Human Services professional, how are you going to approach this situation? What role does ethnicity play? Give examples of specific things you would say to Eva and Elizabeth as well as things you would make sure to avoid saying.

Response Post: min 100 worlds

In response to another student’s posting, critique their professional communication and cultural sensitivity. What are some of their strong points when communicating to Eva and Elizabeth? What are some things you might suggest they do differently next time?