APA Hunt Assignment

APA Element/Requirement

Students will set up an American Psychological Association (APA) 7th Edition template to use for written assignments. This assignment is simply putting your information into the provided template that you may use in future assignments.

Please list the answer and the page numbers that it is related to. 

1. List the elements of a title page.

2. Are student papers required to include a running header?

3. Describe the format and location for the title.

4. Describe what a byline is, how it should be typed and how to include more than one author. 5. What is your institutional affiliation? How should it be typed?

6. Where are the page numbers located? What format is prescribed? 1

Body of Paper/General Formatting Rules

7. The manual contains a miniaturized “picture” of sample papers with title page, narrative and a reference list. How can you use this for your papers?

8. Margins: What setting is prescribed for margins in the body of text and reference page?

9. Spacing:

  1. How many spaces between lines should appear in the body of the text and references?
  2. How many spaces are used in text after a comma, colon, semicolons, punctuation marks at the end of a sentence, periods in a reference citation, or periods after initials in a personal name? (Hint: The answer is the same for all).

10. Font & Typeface: What is the acceptable font size and typeface?

11. Levels of Heading: What format is used for a Level 1 and Level 3 heading?

12. Is it allowed in APA for the author to refer to himself by using the pronoun “I”?

13. In-text Citations: What is an in-text citation and how is it formatted?

14. When do you use “and” to join the authors and when do you use “&” to join the authors in a citation?

15. Quotations: How are quotations with fewer than 40 words formatted? When quoting, what must always be included with the quote?

16. References: What is the purpose of a reference list?

17. What does “agreement of text and reference list” mean?

18. How are references ordered in the reference list? Do you double space?

19. In the reference list, what is the acceptable abbreviation for “edition,” “Editor,” “Editors,” “page,” “pages,” and “no date?”

20. What rule governs whether a state is given in the reference list publisher location?

21. How do you cite a work discussed in a secondary source? Provide answers for both in-text and on the reference page?

22. Format Examples for References

For the following types of references, locate the page(s) with the examples of how to format the references in the next column. List page(s) where you can find examples of how to format references for the following: page #/s: __

  • Journal article with two authors (paper form) page #/s: __
  • Journal article with two authors (electronic version) page #/s: __ Entire Book page #/s: __ Chapter in an edited book page #/s: __ Non-periodical documents on the internet

23. doi Numbers: Describe what a doi is and where and when a doi number can be used.

24. Semicolon: Where can you find a description of a semicolon and how to use it correctly! What is it?

25. Protection of research participants: Where can you find information about protecting the rights and welfare of research participants? What standards are psychologists held to? What is the most recent publication year of this document?