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Assignment 5: Classical and modern approaches to perspectives

Assignment 5: Classical and modern approaches to perspectives

Assignment 5: Classical and modern approaches to perspectives

The expectation is that after taking this course students will have learned how to analyze classical and modern approaches to perspectives of human nature and social order in society. In addition, the course is designed to increase your ability to use the oral and written processes to effectively formulate arguments and demonstrate your critical thinking skills. The midterm is your opportunity to demonstrate how well you are developing your acumen. The midterm paper is worth 25% of your grade and it is your moment to shine!Students will complete the prompt for the midterm essay. Late papers will not be accepted outside of the circumstances listed in the make-up policy (see Make-up Policy below). The make-up assignment is due within 1-3 days of the original midterm due date (instructor’s discretion). This assignment is designed for you to use your own voice. Do not use any outside (uncited) sources to complete your review. Any. This should be your own thoughts and ideas—solely your own work (barring cited/objective data to support your arguments/analysis). Using outside sources is considered academic dishonesty/plagiarism (see policy below). Your paper should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, typed in Times New Roman, 12- point font, and with one-inch margins on all sides. The title of the assigned reading and topic should be included in your heading or cover page, along with your name and the course title. The grading rubric is found below.


You may apply Marx, Durkheim and/or Weber to a current event of your choice. If you are unsure of a current event, I can assist you with a topic. Current topics worth considering: The Great Resignation 2021, Covid-19 Feedback Loop, Race/Class Covid-19 Disparities, HBCU Student Protests, The Rise of NFT’s, or Public Response to Booster and Omicron.

The essay should be organized as follows:

Present the contemporary event. Explain which theorist(s)’ lesson and/or perspective you will utilize to analyze and/or deconstruct the event.
Reflect upon the cultural, historical, and subcultural shared-meanings and/or differences between the contemporary event and the theory.
Explore its impact on human nature, social relations, and social institutions: How does the event affect people’s behaviors and actions, sense of self, and how they understand others? How does the topic affect contemporary social relations? How does the theory contribute to our understanding of the event’s significance to human nature/social order?
Compare/contrast the event in other contexts to explain the usefulness or inconsistencies of the theorist(s)’ perspective. (i.e., across cultural communities and/or historical periods).

I do not mid the choice of which theorist you decide to write on, whichever is easier for you.
if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!!


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