Assignment: Shaun Boyden’s Sexual Attraction

 I just need serious help answering the question. I have answered most of them but the following posted questions are giving me problems. # 1.1 (1 pts.) In the textbook case, what information led Dr. Tobin to conclude that Shaun Boyden’s sexual attraction to children was not a passing fancy? ‘

A) the fact that he reported having the urges since adolescence

B) the fact that his wife was unaware of his problem

C) the fact that he was never caught in the past

D) the fact that he had a relatively normal sexual development # 1.2 (1 pts.)

 Charlie has opted to have psychosurgery performed in order to change his pedophilic patterns. Which of the following procedures will Charlie have done?

A) prefrontal lobotomy

B) hypothalamotomy

C) castration

D) vasectomy # 1.3 (1 pts.)

Dr. Walters is instructing Harry to imagine that he has just “flashed” his genitals at an unsuspecting woman on the street. After the woman responds in horror, Harry is to imagine that all of his closest friends jump out of a nearby alley and start laughing at him. Dr. Walters is using the technique known as

A) systematic desensitization.

B) cognitive restructuring.

C) covert conditioning.

 D) behavior modification. # 1.4 (1 pts.)

Who is most likely to be the target of a frotteurist’s desires?

 A) a person from work

B) a life-long friend

C) a shopper at the mall

D) a close relative # 1.9 (1 pts.)

Based on the information presented in the textbook case, Shaun Boyden might be considered a since he had a normal history of sexual development and interests.

A) child rapist

B) preference molester

C) situational molester

D) generalized molester # 1.12 (1 pts.)

Joe becomes sexually aroused when he views sexually explicit photographs. He also gets really turned on when his lover undresses in front of him. Joe’s behavior might be described as

A) fetishistic.

B) frotteuristic.

C) voyeuristic.

D) normal. # 1.21 (1 pts.)

John gets nauseous when he thinks about having sexual intercourse and he actively avoids the sexual advances of others. John might be diagnosed as having

A) male erectile disorder.

B) sexual aversion disorder.

C) dyspareunia.

 D) inhibited male orgasm disorder. # 1.27 (1 pts.)

Five-year-old Timmy has older sisters who dress him up occasionally and call him “Thimbelina” since they really wanted a little sister instead of a little brother. If this pattern continues it is possible that Tim might develop

A) sexual masochism.

B) sexual sadism.

C) pedophilia.

D) transvestic fetishism. # 1.29 (1 pts.)

Carol is extremely interested in sex but does not experience the vaginal changes that ordinarily precede sexual intercourse. Carol may have

A) sexual aversion disorder.

B) hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

C) inhibited female orgasm disorder.

D) female sexual arousal disorder. # 1.32 (1 pts.)

John is in a period of intense disruptive and heightened thinking, behavior, and emotionality. John is experiencing a(n) episode.

A) depressive

B) euphoric

C) dysthymia .

D) manic # 1.37 (1 pts.)

Although Juanita has been severely depressed, her motor activity has been frantic. The term for this type of motor activity is

A) psychomotor agitation.

B) somatic hysteria.

C) psychomotor hyperactivity.

D) somatic mania. # 1.40 (1 pts.)

The statement “My girlfriend dumped me; all women must hate me” is an example of Beck’s cognitive distortion known as .

A) catastrophizing.

B) dichotomous thinking.

C) excessive responsibility.

D) overgeneralization # 1.43 (1 pts.)

Jenny is suffering from clinical depression. As a result, she typically wakes up early in the morning and tends to be more gloomy in the morning than during the rest of the day. Which of the following specifiers best applies to Jenny’s case?

A) in remission

B) postpartum

C) melancholic type

D) seasonal pattern # 1.47 (1 pts.)

Mary has been in a continual state of dysfunction that has kept her from feeling truly happy or well-adjusted but she has never had a full-blown depressive episode. Mary might be diagnosed as suffering from

A) cyclothymic disorder.

B) dysthymic disorder.

C) bipolar disorder.

D) major depressive disorder. # 1.51 (1 pts.)

Margaret is highly committed to dying but she has chosen to ingest ten aspirin tablets. Her suicide attempt would be described as being in suicidal intent and in suicidal lethality.

A) low; low

B) high; high

C) low; high

D) high; low # 1.52 (1 pts.)

In the textbook case, David Marshall’s belief that television commercials were specifically directed to him is referred to as a delusion of

A) persecution.

B) reference.

C) grandeur.

D) nihilism. # 1.54 (1 pts.)

Jennifer recently experienced a brief psychotic episode soon after her miscarriage. The symptoms lasted a little less than a month. Jennifer had experienced

A) schizophreniform disorder.

B) schizoid personality disorder.

C) brief psychotic disorder.

D) disorganized schizophrenia.