Capella BHA-FPX4020 Assessment 4: Interdisciplinary Presentation Of Evidence-Based Recommendations

Assessment 4 Instructions:

Create and deliver a slide presentation (8-12 slides; 3-5 minutes maximum presentation) on the analysis of a selected health care problem that includes evidence-based recommendations. Your submission needs to include a narrated webcam recording, using your PowerPoint slides and speaker notes, which serve as a transcript. Health care leaders scan for emerging and existing issues, prioritize problems, collect and analyze data, propose evidence-based solutions, and engage diverse teams in the process. 

Once a problem has been sufficiently analyzed, the health care leader must identify stakeholders who will participate in the final decision making for a proposed evidence-based solution.

Most importantly, the health care leader must craft a message that is aligned with organizational mission and strategy, based upon sound analysis and data, and includes a wide variety of diverse stakeholders. The message needs to be communicated in a clear, concise, culturally competent, balanced, and professional manner.

In this assessment, you will have an opportunity to practice a wide variety of executive level skills by conducting a PowerPoint presentation on the selected health care problem. You will demonstrate a flow of logic and analysis by following a slide presentation outline template. In the presentation you will carry forward the work already completed in Assessment 3. Specifically you will cover the following in your presentation:

  • State the problem.
  • Identify clearly the relevant factors or performance indicators and associated units of measurement. Describe the application of an appropriate analysis tool to the problem.
  • Offer insights and evidence-based recommendations.
  • As you prepare for this webcam presentation, keep the imaginary audience in mind. It is composed of a diverse senior leadership team at the selected organization. 
  • The team represents a variety of ages, cultures, and perspectives. You will communicate your presentation in a concise, professional, and culturally competent manner. 
  • The goal is to persuade the senior leadership team to implement the evidence-based recommendations presented. 
  • Consider that two senior leadership team members may be evaluating you as a high potential candidate for a promotion. Good luck! It is time to construct your presentation.

Demonstration Of Proficiency

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria: Competency 3: Construct evidence-based health care management recommendations in compliance with personal and professional values and legal, regulatory, and ethical considerations.

  • Analyze evidence-based recommendations with respect to organizational context.
  • Provide rationale for the execution of evidence-based recommendations.

Competency 5: Create comprehensive and usable data-driven action plans, based on industry benchmarks.

  • Construct a data-driven action plan based upon industry benchmarks to solve the selected health care problem.

Competency 6: Communicate effectively with diverse audiences, in an appropriate form and style, consistent with applicable organizational, professional, and scholarly standards.

  • Create a succinct PowerPoint presentation on the selected problem and recommendations that is designed for interdepartmental senior leadership team viewing.


  • Complete these tasks to successfully prepare for this presentation.


Review Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations [PPTX] for a refresher on how to create compelling, visually appealing slides that capture the audience’s attention. Download and study the Final PowerPoint Template [PPTX] for a suggested structure for the slides. 

Using the slide template will help to keep your presentation within the maximum 3 to 5 minute presentation time frame.

Practice Video Recording the Presentation

After developing slides and preparing your speaker notes, practice delivering the presentation multiple times via screen and webcam recording before making the final webcam recording for submission. 

Practicing your presentation multiple times will make the presentation more polished and professional. Likewise, multiple dry runs will also help you adhere to the 3 to 5 minute maximum presentation length. 

Before submitting the presentation, make sure the recording is audible, the slides are visible, and that you are included in a video capture.

Consult the Using Kaltura [PDF] for additional guidance on how to record the presentation.


Use the Final PowerPoint [PPTX] template to create a 3–5 minute recorded PowerPoint presentation of 8–12 preformatted slides. The template provides the outline of what you need to cover in the presentation. 

The goal of this assessment is to communicate essential elements of your analysis in a succinct manner. A 3- to 5-minute presentation may not seem long, but it is the reality in today’s health care workplace. Busy executives will not be able to spare more time than this. 

The presentation is for interdepartmental senior leadership team viewing.

Be sure to include visual summaries of your data, such as a pie chart or graph. The summarized data visual display should be in a readable format in a Word document or spreadsheet. It is important to include specific titles for the data summaries that identify the subject matter and measurement units.