Capella BHA-FPX4020 Assessment 5: Health Care Leadership Self-Assessment


Complete a self-assessment of 25 ACHE leadership competencies. Prepare a personal development plan that identifies specific action steps and due dates for improvement of five selected leadership competencies.

Throughout their careers, health care leaders must regularly assess their individual competencies and how those competencies align with organizational needs and priorities. Changing laws, regulations, technology, consumer preferences, medical treatment advances, and external environmental shifts can affect the skill sets needed for effective leadership. Accurate self-assessment is an important first step in identification of areas for future leadership development.

In this assessment, you will reflect upon your performance with respect to the industry-validated ACHE leadership competency model. After identifying areas of strength and areas for development, you can craft specific action steps to address any leadership development gaps.

Demonstration Of Proficiency

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

Competency 4: Analyze records and reports based on established benchmarks and organizational goals and performance.

  • Identify five individual competencies within each of the five ACHE model domains practiced during the capstone project.
  • Estimate baseline competency performance ratings at the beginning of the BHA program on the 25 identified individual competencies. 
  • Assess current competency performance ratings for the capstone project on the 25 identified individual competencies.

Competency 5: Create comprehensive and usable data-driven action plans, based on industry benchmarks.

  • Identify one competency within each of the five ACHE domains for further development.
  • Create one specific action step with a due date to strengthen competency performance for each of the five development areas identified.


To successfully prepare to complete this final course assessment, you will need to review the ACHE competency model:

  • Healthcare Leadership Alliance and the American College of Healthcare Executives. (2018). ACHE healthcare executive competencies assessment tool. Retrieved from 
  • Remember that you already examined this tool in Assessment 1 and identified one competency from each domain that you would be practicing while completing the capstone project.


This assessment is in two parts:

Part 1: Leadership Self-Assessment.

  • You will assess the development of your leadership skills over the course of your BHA program.

Part 2: Personal Development Plan.

  • You will identify measurable action steps for future career development based on the results of your leadership skills assessment.

Part 1: Leadership Self-Assessment

To complete your leadership self-assessment:

Select five competencies from each of the five ACHE leadership domains (25 total competencies) that you practiced during your capstone project and enter them into the appropriate space on the template (Column 2).

  • Estimate your performance at the beginning of your BHA program on each of the 25 competencies you selected. The rating scale is from 1 (novice) to 5 (expert).
  • Enter this information on Column 3 of the template.
  • Early careerists typically score in the novice to competent performance levels. Occasionally they may rate in the expert category. The faculty member will be emphasizing rating accuracy rather than how high the ratings are.
  • Assess your performance after completing your capstone project on each of the selected 25 competencies.
  • Enter this information in Column 4 on the template.
  • Summarize your insights about strengths and improvement areas in the space provided.

Part 2: Personal Development Plan

  • To complete the personal development plan part of this assessment:

Download the Personal Development Plan Template [DOCX].

  • Select from your leadership self-assessment five competencies (one from each of the five domains) for further development and cultivation of your health care leadership skills. Enter these competencies into Column 2 of the template.
  • Determine one specific, measurable action step for each of the five selected competencies that will promote skill development. Enter the actions steps in Column 3 of the template.
  • People learn the most from having the opportunity to practice and demonstrate their skills. Although courses and readings certainly have value for personal development, consider other ways to cultivate the selected competencies. 
  • For example, obtain a mentor, solicit feedback from a more experienced colleague, join a professional organization, or volunteer your services.