Conceptual-Theoretical-Empirical Structure CTE Evaluation

Conceptual models, theories, and empirical indicators are linked and provide a nursing knowledge system to apply the model or theory to nursing practice, research, and education. Advanced-practice nurses are required to understand the linkages as applied to nursing and translate the components into practice. To continue development of nursing knowledge, advanced practice nurses can create structure to test theory.


Write a 1200 word paper examining how the Conceptual – Theoretical – Empirical (CTE) structure translates into nursing practice based on one of the middle range theories that has been formulated or derived from your preferred conceptual model of nursing. Translate and apply the selected theory to nursing practice using actual examples. Evaluate the theory using the CTE steps below:

  • Evaluation of the conceptual-theoretical-empirical linkages.
  • Evaluation of the selected theory.(Mid-range theory can be: Rozzano Locsin’s – Advancing Technology, Caring and Nursing, Leininger’s- Transcultural Nursing, Kristen Swanson’s – Theory of Caring (1991), or Purnell’s Model for Cultural Competence.)
  • Evaluation of the empirical indicators.
  • Evaluation of research findings.
  • Evaluation of the utility and soundness of the practice theory.

APA with references last 5 years and in-text citations.