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Cultural Differences in Psychological Contracts Essay 3

Cultural Differences in Psychological Contracts Essay 3

Cultural Differences in Psychological Contracts Essay 3

• Steers, R. and Osland, J. (2020) – 4th Edition. Management across cultures: Challenges, Strategies, and Skills. New York: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 978-1-108-71759-5 Paperback.
For this discussion forum, please read the “Distributive Justice at Lincoln Electric” story on pages 138-139 of the textbook carefully. Then, participate in the discussion forum by sharing your opinion regarding the following two questions. Your response must reflect your learning from the reading materials.

What were the key cultural differences so that the psychological contracts in Germany and Mexico had to be different?
What should have the U.S. and German managers done differently for improving the motivational environment in their German operations?
What lesson, if any, do you learn from this story?
Important advice: Please limit your original posts or responses to others’ posts to no more than 200 words each time. Site all references to include the course textbook.


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