Discussion Euclidean Distance

  • Step 1: Download the file “FamousBasketballPlayers.docx.”
  • Step 2: If needed, refresh your memory about the career of Michael Jordan, often considered in the sport of basketball to be “The Greatest Of All Time” (The GOAT).
  • Step 3. Pick two of the other players in this document (Make each one in a single page). How far are your players from Jordan, using the Euclidean distance based on career averages for 1) season games, 2) rebounds, 3) assists, 4) steals, 5) blocks, and 6) points, being careful to show your work.
  • Step 4: Look at that work from step 3: is this a “good” metric? Does it seem unreasonably weighted to one stat or another?
  • Step 5: Decide how you could improve this metric to make a “fairer” comparison.

Share your answers to the “mini-assignment: Distance from the GOAT.” Focus especially on steps 4 and 5: is this a good or fair metric? How could it be improved?

Note: I attached example

Make sure you choose two players and do the same steps for each one. Make each player in one page