Expository essays are a common assignment in nursing education to teach students how to objectively inform readers about various nursing concepts, issues, policies, and responsibilities. An appropriate, focused, timely, and compelling topic is critical to writing an effective expository essay. This article provides an extensive list of 200 expository nursing essay topics organized by relevant categories and age groups. 

The topics cover meaningful issues in contemporary nursing, ranging from emerging technologies, diverse populations, nurse wellbeing, leadership challenges, global health, ethics, and education. Nursing students can utilize these topic examples during the important first step of choosing a topic that engages readers and allows for clear, comprehensive discussion.

How to Choose an Expository Nursing Essay Topic

When selecting a topic for an expository nursing essay, choose one that is specific, focused, timely, and relevant to current nursing practice. Avoid broad topics and instead select a narrow, well-defined issue or concept that you can fully explain in an objective, informative style. Consider emerging issues in healthcare, nursing roles, evidence-based practice, leadership, ethics, policy, or education. Run potential topics by your professor to get approval.

List of Expository Essay Topics That You Can Select for Your Essay

Here are some examples of expository nursing essay topics:

  1. Evidence-based fall prevention protocols and nursing responsibilities
  2. Effective communication strategies for nurse-patient relationships
  3. Steps of the nursing process from assessment to evaluation
  4. Impact of technology like AI and robotics on nursing care
  5. Nurse fatigue: Causes, effects, and mitigation approaches
  6. Cultural competence: Providing patient-centered care across cultures
  7. Roles of nurses in policy advocacy and healthcare reform
  8. Integrating mindfulness techniques to improve nurse wellbeing
  9. Nursing theories that guide practice and research
  10. How to perform a systematic breathing assessment
  11. Pain management principles and nursing considerations
  12. Compassion fatigue: causes, impacts, and coping strategies
  13. Coordinating care for patients with chronic conditions
  14. Preventing medication errors and improving nursing practice
  15. Evidence-based practice: transforming care through research
  16. Delegation, assignment, and supervision in nursing practice
  17. Therapeutic communication techniques for quality care
  18. Improving clinical judgment and critical thinking skills
  19. Applying the nursing process across the lifespan
  20. Infection control principles and nursing responsibilities
  21. Health literacy barriers and teaching approaches
  22. Quality and safety competencies for nursing practice
  23. Nursing-sensitive indicators and improving patient outcomes
  24. Providing culturally competent, patient-centered care
  25. Self-care and resilience strategies for nurse wellbeing

19 Current Topics for Expository Essays in 2024: Exploring Key Issues in Contemporary Nursing

Consider these current nursing issues:

  1. The growing advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) scope of practice
  2. Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on nurses’ mental health
  3. Nurse residency programs: Smoothing new grads’ transition to practice
  4. Telehealth nursing transforming care delivery models
  5. Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in nursing
  6. Nursing implications of reproductive health legislation and policy
  7. Workplace violence prevention in healthcare settings
  8. Emerging roles: The nurse entrepreneur and innovator
  9. Expanding nursing prescriptive authority to increase access
  10. Short staffing and unionization efforts among nurses
  11. Focus on enhancing nurse workforce wellness and resilience
  12. Updated cardiac arrest protocols and simulations
  13. Creating healthy work cultures and reducing burnout
  14. New nursing education models like BSN-in-10 law proposals
  15. Proficiency using information technology and nursing informatics
  16. Genomics revolutionizing precision medicine and nursing
  17. Mitigating barriers to care for diverse and marginalized groups
  18. Expanding travel nursing opportunities and demands
  19. Compassion fatigue prevention and nurse wellbeing priorities

10 College Expository Essay Topics for Every Occasion

College nursing essay topic examples:

  1. Effective strategies for distance learning in nursing education
  2. Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on undergraduate clinical training
  3. Integrating Interprofessional Education Experiences
  4. Developing resilience and coping skills among prelicensure students
  5. Creating inclusive environments for diverse nursing students
  6. Academic integrity issues in online nursing classes
  7. Teaching clinical reasoning and critical thinking
  8. Preparing new BSN grads for a practice reality shock
  9. Fostering mentorship opportunities in nursing programs
  10. Importance of proper citation methods and avoiding plagiarism

Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

Here are middle school-appropriate nursing essay ideas:

  1. The significance of compassion in nursing care
  2. The role of technology in modern nursing practice
  3. Cultural competence and its importance in nursing
  4. The history of nursing uniforms and their evolution
  5. Nursing during times of crisis, like pandemics or natural disasters
  6. Holistic nursing care and the mind-body-spirit connection
  7. Exploring the impact of nursing in global healthcare
  8. The importance of ethics in nursing practice
  9. The nurse-patient relationship and effective communication
  10. The use of evidence-based practice in nursing
  11. The impact of stress management on nursing professionals
  12. Nursing care for the elderly and the challenges of aging populations
  13. The role of nursing in palliative and end-of-life care
  14. The connection between nutrition and nursing care
  15. Exploring the history of famous nurses in healthcare
  16. The role of nursing in mental health and psychiatric care
  17. The importance of infection control in nursing settings
  18. Pediatric oncology nursing and the challenges it presents
  19. Nursing care in disaster relief and humanitarian efforts
  20. The significance of continuing education for nurses
  21. The role of nurse practitioners in primary care
  22. Nursing interventions for patients with chronic illnesses
  23. Ethical dilemmas in nursing and how to navigate them
  24. The impact of the nursing shortage on healthcare delivery
  25. The role of nursing research in advancing healthcare

Expository Nursing Essay Topics for High School

High school-level nursing essay topics include:

  1. The impact of technological advancements on nursing practice
  2. Nursing informatics and the role of electronic health records
  3. The role of interdisciplinary teamwork in healthcare
  4. The history and significance of the nursing profession in wartime
  5. Nurse Burnout and strategies for self-care in Healthcare
  6. The importance of evidence-based practice in nursing
  7. The role of advanced practice nurses (APNs) in modern healthcare
  8. The challenges and rewards of working in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  9. Nursing care for patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension
  10. The significance of cultural competence in nursing care
  11. Ethical Considerations in end-of-life Care and the Role of hospice nurses
  12. The impact of the nurse-patient relationship on patient outcomes
  13. Nursing care for patients with mental health disorders
  14. The role of public health nursing in disease prevention and community health
  15. The challenges and responsibilities of emergency room nurses
  16. The importance of continuous learning and professional development for nurses
  17. The history and Evolution of Nursing Organizations and Associations
  18. Nursing care in disaster response and humanitarian missions
  19. The role of forensic nursing in the criminal justice system
  20. The significance of nurse leadership in healthcare settings
  21. The ethical dilemmas and decision-making in pediatric nursing
  22. The impact of the aging population on the nursing profession
  23. The role of nursing research in improving patient care
  24. Nursing care in geriatric and long-term care settings
  25. The challenges and rewards of international nursing experiences

Exploring Funny Expository Nursing Essay Topics:

Injecting some humor engages readers on serious topics:

  1. Most hilarious and awkward patient stories nurses share
  2. Nurses’ creative solutions when supplies and equipment are lacking
  3. Code words nurses use to describe difficult patients
  4. Nursing memes and gallows humor as stress relief
  5. Funny excuses patients give nurses and doctors
  6. Patients’ most bizarre midnight snack requests
  7. Nurses’ celeb hall passes and workplace crushes
  8. Embarrassing mistakes and malapropisms overheard
  9. Wacky nicknames nurses devise for annoying medical devices
  10. Patients’ oddest and most annoying midnight demands
  11. The Chronicles of Lost and Found”: The Funniest Tales of Misplaced Items in the Hospital
  12. Emergency Room Entertainment: Hilarious Stories from the ER
  13. Operation Giggle: Funny Operating Room Moments
  14. The Kitchen Conundrum: Why Hospital Cafeterias Are a Source of Laughter
  15. Paging Dr. Jokester: The Role of Pranks in Nursing
  16. “I Saw the Light”: Funny Stories of Patients Who Swear They’ve Had Near-Death Experiences
  17. “Nurse! There’s a Spider in My Room!”: Dealing with Odd Patient Fears
  18. Triage Tidbits: Overheard Conversations in the Waiting Room
  19. “Nurse, I’m Dying!” and Other Dramatic Declarations
  20. Bedside Stand-Up: Using Humor to Connect with Patients
  21. “Take My Temperature, Nurse!”: Unconventional Pick-Up Lines Heard in Hospitals
  22. Paging Dr. Google: The Most Unusual Self-Diagnoses
  23. The Quirks of Night Shift: Strange Happenings After Dark
  24. “Nurse, My Pillow’s Lumpy!” and Other Demanding Patient Requests
  25. Charting Comedy: Funny Notes and Comments Found in Medical Records

10 More Interesting Expository Nursing Essay Topics

For more unique ideas:

  1. Reported paranormal encounters by nurses working nights
  2. Controversies around faith, prayer, and spirituality in nursing
  3. Tattoos and personal style choices of nurses
  4. Shocking and weird objects found inside patients
  5. Funniest “lost in translation” moments with patients
  6. Patients faking illness and seeking drugs from the ER
  7. Gross, taboo, or inappropriate questions patients ask providers
  8. Nurses’ acts of everyday heroism that go unsung
  9. Patients eloping or going AWOL from care facilities
  10. Code changes announcing an incoming helicopter

Expository Nursing Essay Questions You May Need to Address

Sample prompts include:

  1. Analyze the significance of evidence-based practice in nursing.
  2. Describe the role of the nurse in pain management for patients.
  3. Explain the principles of infection control in healthcare settings.
  4. Discuss the ethical considerations in end-of-life care and nursing.
  5. Outline the responsibilities of a charge nurse in a healthcare unit.
  6. Explain the process of delegation in nursing and its importance.
  7. Summarize the impact of stress and burnout on nursing professionals.
  8. Describe the role of nursing informatics in modern healthcare.
  9. Discuss the history and evolution of nursing education.
  10. Explain the importance of documentation and charting in nursing care.
  11. Analyze the challenges and solutions in the nurse-patient relationship.
  12. Discuss the role of a nurse in a disaster response team.
  13. Outline the key components of a nursing care plan.
  14. Explain the legal and ethical aspects of nursing practice.
  15. Describe the role of family-centered care in pediatric nursing.
  16. Discuss the significance of holistic nursing care.
  17. Explain the process of triage in an emergency department.
  18. Summarize the responsibilities of a nurse in a critical care unit.
  19. Analyze the impact of cultural competence in reducing healthcare disparities.
  20. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of nurse leaders in healthcare organizations.
  21. Explain the importance of teamwork and collaboration in nursing practice.
  22. Describe the role of nursing in promoting public health and wellness.
  23. Discuss the benefits and challenges of telemedicine in nursing.
  24. Analyze the role of technology in improving patient care in healthcare settings.
  25. Explain the principles of disaster preparedness and response for nurses.

Expository Nursing Essay Ideas for Any Student

With many topics, nursing students can find the perfect essay subject! Remember to make it specific, focused, and compelling to educate readers effectively. Conduct thorough research and explain topics clearly, accurately, and comprehensively.

Expository Nursing Essay Topics: Final Thoughts

With this extensive list of 200 topics, nursing students can discover a unique, focused, and compelling subject to inform readers about in an expository essay format. The topics cover current issues across inpatient and community nursing specialties, leadership, policy, ethics, diversity, new technology, evidence-based practice, and education. 

Remember to choose a topic that aligns with course learning objectives, conduct thorough research, and explain the topic accurately, objectively, and in-depth. Referencing this comprehensive topic list can make the initial step of the expository writing process smooth and successful.