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Please read the attached instructions. This assignment is due by Friday, November 9, 12:00 pm eastern time. Please read the instructions. Thank you for considering this assignment.

Refer to the website of DSM-5 Clinical Cases on Personality Disorders at 24836.jb18 and choose one from the following list of case studies:

  • Case 18.5 “Fragile and Angry”

 Briefly, introduce your case and the associated diagnosis. Address the following prompts, from the perspective of the MFT who is working with this particular client/case:

  • Given the scenario, what psychotropic medications would you suggest this client might be prescribed?
  • Is this client likely to comply with the medication(s)? Why or why not?
  •  Finally, discuss two psychotherapy approaches you could incorporate in working with your client in the case described.

Please use resources: 624836.jb18

Length: 350-500 words


 1. Review the 10 Strategic Points constructed in Week 2 and the Clark and Springer (2007) study. Additionally, review the feedback provided by the instructor.

2. Use “Constructing 10 Strategic Points” to develop 10 Strategic Points for a replication of the Clark & Springer study that you could design for an undergraduate psychology program. Be sure to use resources in the DC network>Research/Dissertation tab>

 Prospectus templates to review the criteria for the purpose, problem, research questions and other Strategic Points.

3. Use the prompts and suggestions contained in the template to guide your work.