Goals Objectives and Marketing Strategy Of East Chestnut Regional Hospital

The rebranding of East Chestnut Regional Hospital (ECRH) via growth through strategic marketing. [sentence fragment – always write in complete sentences] Do you mean, rebranding will be a selected strategy of this marketing team as one of its many marketing efforts that are aligned with the strategic plan from upper management of ECRH?

The proposal? Do you mean marketing plan? will be executed through an aggressive marketing blitz by way of social media and referrals. Team Bravo will promote the new oncology center and highlight the benefits of the women’s services at ECRH. The devil’s advocate on your team says, each of us needs to place our marketing caps on. Knowledge uncovered, study, classroom participation, constructive feedback, all components of the learning process can lead your marketing team to the development of an ‘effective’ (results) marketing plan presented to the CEO.

Reading and incorporating constructive feedback, each week, will address your efficiency (use of resources) in developing that marketing plan. When that knowledge and experience have been ‘applied’ to this marketing plan, dividends in work life and work careers are forthcoming.


In this challenging learning journey (master’s level) focused on business, you have uncovered the meaning of many concepts/principles. A goal is a desired ‘future’ end result. An objective is the means to a goal, the efforts/actions to attain the end result. Goals tend to be broad, not lending to measurement, while objectives are specific, measurable. Measurable is being discussed in the classroom.

As your marketing team has reached consensus that ECRHs top management’s overall goal focus is centered on growth, then all marketing goals/objectives will communicate (message) all those goals from the organization’s strategic plan. All your marketing efforts will center around the strategic plan and the elements the CEO wants in the plan.

Example: Strategic goal – Oncology Center grand opening Marketing messaging goal – ECRH grand opening of the new Oncology center, is presently scheduled for a fall, 2019 opening.

Marketing Health objectives for ECRH:

The devil’s advocate on your team says, following the marketing template provided us, we discuss:

  • Goal focus
  • Performance
  • Objectives

Relaunch the organization’s consumer-focused Women’s Health Clinic with an emphasis on primary health care services (breast care, and obstetrics), and promote the organizations thriving Oncology Center. These initiatives will increase access and reduce disproportionate representation noted in Mr. Browns’ requests of this marketing team. The Bravo team will focus on health promotion, prevention with screenings, and early intervention using updated technology along with call centers located within the Women’s Health Clinics and Oncology center to minimize wait times. Where is the discussion of marketing goals? See example above.

Mr. Brown has requested marketing Team Bravo to list the goals and objective findings needed to address the turnaround and rebranding of ECRH. ?? Team Bravo has noted substantial changes that have taken place before their arrival and have listed turning points to consider. Unable to follow this thought as worded?

There are many benefits to mergers and acquisitions of different companies; one is creating cost efficiencies through revenue enhancements. Another is the ability to refocus brand initiatives. Usually, companies that are similar or closely related to their services and products

Marketing Health delivery mergers

When mergers take place, different skills and talents are brought together to form a very responsible entity (Schulte, 2012). The devil’s advocate says, how does the above discussion lend to the discussion of our marketing team goals?

ECRH is an example of a familiar merger. Three different but familiar hospital entities that merged are East River Medical Centre (ERMC), Archway Hospital (AH), and Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium (NMHC). As stand-alone institutions, the three entities boosted functionality and relevance in the communities they served. However, areas existed in poor service delivery, inadequate technology with underperforming personnel. The devil’s advocate says, how does the above discussion lend to the discussion of our marketing team goals?

As ECRH begins the process of rebranding ‘a strategy’ for growth, Team Bravo will note a few takeaways. Based on recent patient surveys and reviews, it is noted the emergency room physicians lack customer service skills. The only contact with a hospital for many people is through the emergency room, as a patient or visiting family (Dougherty, 2005). The emergency room is the blueprint for the rest of the hospital ; it is important to improve patient satisfaction in the ECRH emergency department.

All ED physicians must undergo training in customer service and patient sensitivity. If the service has not improved within 90 days, the contract with the emergency physician group will be terminated. ECRH is scheduled to participate in several community events spanning the next several months. The first is taking part in the local health fair in partnership with Greenbranch University. ECRH will also host a family and friends’ day in a joint effort with the local chamber of commerce and several industries. The community will have the pleasure of meeting physicians and supporting staff of ECRH. It is important to always remain transparent to the community, current and prospective

Marketing Health patients

The devil’s advocate says, how does the above discussion lend to the discussion of our marketing team goals?

To capitalize on the upstream growth opportunities post-merger, ECRH should these are in the strategic plan? strategically plan to improve women’s health services, oncology services, and provider retention; while transitioning out aging providers. These focused areas are considered weaknesses (internal – areas of opportunity) and threats (external on the horizon and potentially harmful to the organization growth trajectory), and strengths (internal – favorable areas, pillars to build-upon). For example, the organization’s current state shows, obstetrical deliveries are down 20% across the system.

The root cause is because the optimal performance of the for-profit facility Banford Medical Center (BMC) and ERCH women’s health services are marginalized. The devil’s advocate says, how does the above discussion lend to the discussion of our marketing team goals?

The BMC organization is bolder and more effective in their marketing approach to women services. They boast a wealthier clientele (payor mix – commercial, self-pay, healthy revenue stream), and a shiny new facility. As a result, BMC’s [has the] ability to recruit more attractive candidates and retain them providing sustainability and affordability. 

ERCHs best measure is to acquiesce to BMC for the time being and focus their capital and time on developing the recently purchased 100 acres of land across the interstate from BMC. The devil’s advocate says, how does the above discussion lend to the discussion of our marketing team goals?

Marketing Health

The devil’s advocate on your team says, is this a different sub-topic under discussion (see marketing template) The value of the consumers’ opinion is detrimental in influencing healthcare. It can be positive or negative. Understanding consumers’ attitudes and preferences can affect the way healthcare is valued. Being flexible and offering consumers services that consistently meet their needs will become ECRHs ECRHs new mission. Do you mean direction? as we look to rebrand. a strategy When the patient is happy, it can play a tremendous role in how healthcare is perceived and help improve the quality of life.

Consumers are always looking for the right core values that can influence patient care. With higher patient satisfaction rates, there are better care efficiencies. The top priorities for improvement need to be addressed, as well as understanding the conditions and severity. Convenience is a growing priority for today’s healthcare consumers ; however, important criteria such as cost, brand, and care quality are key factors (Lagasse, 2018). The devil’s advocate on your team says, how does the knowledge uncovered above, connect to what section of the marketing plan template;

The consulting firm Faith & Main was hired by ECRH last year to study the market perception on women’s services including gynecological services, breast care, physicals, and the need for female doctors. As a result of the extensive research, it was determined our services have declined due to the competitor BMC. Further research proved that the women surveyed stated they would consider traveling to East Chestnut Regional Center if the services were excellent. To meet the demands of the patients ECRH will launch a recruiting effort to seek the most highly trained physicians to meet our patient’s patients’ needs. The goal would be to increase obstetrical deliveries by the desired 20% and become the counties’ leader in obstetrical deliveries. The devil’s advocate says, how does the above discussion lend to the Goals

Marketing Health

Discussion of our marketing team efforts? Reflecting again on elements the CEO wants in the marketing plan ECRH is opening a new clinic through a joint venture imaging center with the radiologists. The center resides across from a major shopping area providing easy access to the public and will have physician offices and clinics available. The devil’s advocate on your team says, this is not one of the strategic goals; this is not one of the elements the CEO wants in the plan? Having an onsite women’s center within this clinic would allow same-day appointments, and allow women access to the services they need in one facility. A helpline would open at this clinic utilizing physician-approved medical information. Should the caller have an emergency, the caller would be advised to dial 911 or be sent to the closest ED/trauma center.

The devil’s advocate says, how does the above discussion lend to the discussion of our marketing team efforts?

Benchmarks before the goal: 

  1. Staffing the clinic utilizing employees from the burn center, behavioral health center and AH (Archway Hospital) facilities due to their closures.
  2. Using the medical equipment, furniture, and supplies from these closures to start up the women’s health care clinic.
  3. Retaining employees from the burn center, AH and behavioral health facilities thereby reducing cost and receiving the maximum value of retaining knowledge and experience.

Notice in the marketing template:

  • Goals/Objectives
  • Goal focus
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Market objectives

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Goals Objectives and Marketing Strategy of East Chestnut Regional Hospital

Marketing Health

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