How Do You Embody the Go West Spirit Essay

General Essay

  1. How do you embody the Go West spirit? (I am a student of University of West Georgia and the school are very good) Write 100 words
  2. What is YOUR Go West Dream?

A. At UWG, we know that every path is different for every student. We are committed to helping you find your best fit as a student and help you along your journey to whatever you choose to pursue. Please take a moment to share your academic interests and aspirations. (My Go West Dream is to graduate as a BSN nurse) Expand this in 100 words 

More About You

We want to make sure the UWG scholarship opportunities are awarded to the best fit candidates. Tell us about yourself (your hobbies, interests, etc.). (My hobbies are cooking, reading, baking) I am a 52-year-old female that wants to make an impact on people’s lives before I leave this world. (100 words)

Showing Gratitude for Scholarship Support

Given our UWG values, expressing gratitude and a commitment to caring is a way of life in West Georgia. We want you to have the opportunity to live those values as a UWG student as part of your Go West experience. If you were to meet a scholarship donor who is supporting students like yourself, what would you say to the donor? 100 words

  1. Why Did You Decide to Go West?

At UWG, you will find a supportive and engaging environment to help you find your path to success, but we know that does not just start on the first day of classes. Please tell us in your own words why you decided to Go West? (The professors go out of their way to help students succeed) Expand this in 100 words