HSA 3215 Purpose Of Healthcare Marketing Campaign

Module 01 Content (maximum 2-3 pages)

Identify a healthcare provider (urgent care facility, clinic, hospital, hospice or pharmaceutical company) that could benefit from a marketing campaign. Provide three reasons for choosing this organization and describe any image or public relation issues. 

Public-relation issues can include a negative public incident, poor reputation or recent fraud investigation. Finally, explain how a marketing plan can improve the image of the organization.

Module 01 Discussion – History of Marketing (1page only)

Directions Explain the history and current purpose of healthcare marketing. The following questions will help to guide the conversation:

  • When was marketing first introduced to the healthcare field?
  • In today’s environment, do healthcare organizations use marketing as a way to change their public perception or to increase revenue?
  • Are negative actions (ex: employee terminations, healthcare fraud) promoted quicker than positive (ex: company donations, saving a sick child) appraisals?
  • Why? Can a good marketing campaign improve a terrible image?

Module 01 Marketing in Healthcare

Ultimate Purpose Marketing is an important resource for every company in the world, and the healthcare community is not exempt from this concept. In the United States, numerous healthcare organizations compete for the same patients and a larger piece of the local market. Healthcare marketing provides an opportunity for hospitals to distinguish themselves by creating a brand.

A good marketing brand allows the organization to maximize profits, boost the number of new patients and increase professional recognition within the healthcare community. Marketing can also be used to transform the image or reputation of a company. For example, think about companies like CarMax, Starbucks, Subway Restaurant, Cancers Center of America Hospital, Apple Computers or Macy’s Department Store. 

Each one of these organizations has survived franchise wars by redesigning the image of their company. Once upon a time, Subway Restaurant was not a popular place to eat. Many people could not fathom paying money for a “cold cut” sandwich that could be easily made at home. In order to remain competitive, Subway has transformed from an “expensive bologna” restaurant to a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. Over the years, Apple was able to rebrand as a technology giant.

Starbucks has shifted their image from an overpriced coffee shop for the rich and famous to a coffee shop for the average college student or white-collar office worker. Consider the impact that a marketing campaign has had on these businesses; just imagine the positive effect it can have on a struggling hospital, clinic, or urgent care facility. 

Company in Need of Marketing The first and most important step in the marketing process is to identify an organization or department that could benefit from a marketing campaign. You should begin the search by reviewing local newspapers, journals, and televised news reports. Healthcare organizations that have a publicized sentinel event will benefit from a marketing strategy. For example, St. Vincent Hospital

(review article & video below) in Bridgeport Connecticut was accused of sexual assault. A male patient had issued a lawsuit against the hospital claiming that a nursing assistant had inappropriate sexual contact with him while he was medicated. St Vincent Hospital is a respected organization, but such a lawsuit can negatively affect the company’s image. In the healthcare environment, a tainted image can lead to a

decrease in patient visits, loss of government contacts and decrease in revenue. In regard to St. Vincent, a good recommendation would be to build a marketing strategy that includes a partnership with a local anti-sexual abuse organization, sensitivity training for all staff, new protocols for patient engagement and a televised fundraiser for bringing awareness to sexual assaults. 

The primary goal of this strategy is to highlight the company’s ability to discover a problem, eliminate the issue and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Basically, the goal is to reinstate and uphold public trust. When reviewing the module assignments, keep in mind a local healthcare organization that seems to have a negative reputation. You’ll be asked to analyze the reason for this reputation and identify how you could potentially fix it. Additional Resources Man sues St. Vincent’s alleging sexual assault in hospital.