NR 511 Week 7 CPG Peer Review Discussion Acute Otitis Externa

(Acute Otitis Externa)


A student peer review is a process in which students constructively evaluate the work of another student’s work which promotes mutual learning. Feedback provided from a peer can help the learner the concepts of an assignment. At the same time, the peer who provides the feedback on a student assignment learns to critically analyze the learner’s work.

  • The instructor will provide each student with the name of a peer whose ….. must be reviewed prior to Week 7.
  • The student will read the peer’s assigned CPG (which should be posted with every peer presentation).
  • Using the Peer Review Rubric provided, students will critically evaluate their assigned peer’s PowerPoint presentation.
  • Peer evaluations are due by the end of Week 7. One (1) copy must be uploaded to the course. The second (2nd) copy should be sent via the course conversation inbox to the peer whose work was reviewed.

You Must Also Use The Peer Review Assignment Rubric To Successfully

Complete This Assignment


  • Highlight the box that you feel most represents your peer’s presentation for each criteria.
  • In the comments section, follow the Peer Review Assignment rubric when providing your feedback.
  • Peer evaluations are due by Week 7. One (1) copy must be uploaded to the drop-box in week 7.