NRS-434VN Topic 4 Health Assessment of the Young and Middle-Aged Adult


  • Discuss strategies to reduce at-risk behavior in adults.
  • Explore assessment of diverse populations.
  • Perform and document a comprehensive health assessment.

Health Assessment: Foundations For Effective Practice: Read Chapter 4 in Health Assessment: Foundations for Effective Practice. Use the Appendix as needed to complete your assignments. URL: essment_foundations-for-effective-practice_1e.php

Substance Abuse: Explore the Substance Abuse page of the eMedicineHealth website. Be sure to read the text section, “Substance Abuse Facts,” by Dryden-Edwards (2015) URL:

Shadow Health: Comprehensive Assessment

Within the Shadow Health platform, complete the Comprehensive Assessment. The estimated average time to complete this assignment each time is 3 hours. Please note, this is an average time. Some students may need longer.

This clinical experience is a comprehensive exam. Students must score at the level of “Proficiency” in the Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experience. Students have three opportunities to complete this assignment and score at the Proficiency level. Upon completion, submit the lab pass through the assignment dropbox.

Students successfully scoring within the Proficiency level in the Digital Clinical Experience on the first attempt will earn a grade of 150 points; students successfully scoring at the Proficiency level on the second attempt will earn a grade of 135 points; and students successfully scoring at the Proficiency level on the third attempt will earn a grade of 120 points. Students who do not pass the performance-based assessment by scoring within the Proficiency level in three attempts will receive a failing grade (102 points).

If Proficiency is not achieved on the first attempt it is recommended that you review your answers with the correct answers on the Experience Overview page. Review the report by clicking on each tab to the left titled; Transcript, Subjective Data Collection, Objective Data Collection, Documentation, and SBAR to compare your work. Reviewing this overview and course resources may help you improve your score.

Please review the assignment in the Health Assessment Student Handbook in Shadow Health prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Attempt Start Date: 25-Oct-2021 at 12:00:00 AM

Topic 4 DQ 1

You are admitting a 19-year old female college student to the hospital for fevers. Using the patient information provided, choose a culture unfamiliar to you and describe what would be important to remember while you interview this patient. Discuss the health care support systems available in your community for someone of this culture. If no support systems are available in your community, identify a national resource.

Topic 4 DQ 2

For the middle-aged adult, exercise can reduce the risk of various health problems. Choose two at-risk health issues that regular physical exercise and activity can help prevent and manage. Discuss the prevalence of each of these health problems in society today.

Describe measures that you would take as a nurse to assist clients with health promotion measures to incorporate exercise and physical activity into their lives. Include the kind of activities you would recommend, the amount of exercise, and the approach you would use to gain cooperation from the client. Support your response with evidence-based literature.