NSG 6999 Data For Evaluation Of Outcomes


Question 1 (1 Point)

Data for evaluation of outcomes are available from multiple sources within healthcare organizations including clinics, which of the following can provide data for EBP? (choose all that apply) Question 1 options:

  1. finance (billing and coding information)
  2. quality management (errors and patient satisfaction)
  3. clinical systems (laboratory values and medications)
  4. properties (building sizes and parking)

As a result of EBP changes, measurement of outcomes is essential to determine the impact that is made on healthcare in what ways? Choose all that apply:

  1. Quality
  2. Costs
  3. patient outcomes
  4. discharge data

Data for evaluation of outcomes are available from multiple sources within health care organizations including: Choose all that apply

  1. finance
  2. human resources
  3. property maintenance
  4. clinical systems

Whether developed in practice or through research, measurement instruments must allow users to be confident about the accuracy of data when collected. Therefore, they must be proven to be: (choose all that apply):

  1. reliable
  2. efficacious
  3. Valid
  4. legal

Evaluation plans are ultimately aimed toward accomplishment of the central goal of EBP— which is:

  1. Evaluating science
  2. Evaluating quality patient outcomes.
  3. Evaluating internally generated data
  4. Evaluating implementation of evidence


I found the same articles as the CINAHL database with my same search terms, however with the additional search of clinical decision support and alert fatigue I found 74 additional articles.

I had trouble with the MeSH terms, but it was very limited with what you could input. The articles I did find only were abstracts and did not have full text which was not helpful.