NUM2307 Assessment 2 Assignment

Essay task:

Preamble: Throughout your nursing/midwifery career, you will use assessment knowledge and skills constantly. Undertaking a comprehensive mental health assessment will help build a clinical picture of the person in your care, and assist in understanding the problem of the person presenting for help.

In consideration of this statement, you are to address and discuss the following.

  • The importance of the therapeutic relationship in building a comprehensive, holistic picture of the patient, and in identifying factors that might exacerbate their mental health
  • Why a Mental State Examination (MSE) is an essential assessment in identifying and determining a person’s psychological state.
  • How a risk assessment is linked to the MSE, and it’s importance in identifying and determining a person’s level and intent of risk.
  • The importance of the physical assessment, in preventing diagnostic overshadowing in the clinical


  • The essay should be written in the 3rd
  • Requires a standard introduction that sets up the context of the
  • Requires a standard conclusion, which should be a brief summary of the key points made within the essay.
  • You are to provide rationale to support your argument and the essay discussion.
  • A minimum of eight (8) references should support your
  • Recency of evidence-based practice (references) should be within the last five (5) years of
  • Only academic references are to be used, this includes journals and
  • Use the SNM assignment template APA 7 2020 to set up your
  • Follow the SNM Program Requirements Assignment Presentation Guide 2021.

You are to use Headings are to be used.

  • ECU APA 7th edition referencing should be used for accuracy intext and end text (referencing).
  • Marks will be awarded as per the SNM marking Rubric is in the assessment 2 folder.
  • SNM Rubric 2018.