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NUR 513 Topic 3 Diversity And Global Perspectives Of Care DQ1

NUR 513 Topic 3 Diversity And Global Perspectives Of Care DQ1

NUR 513 Topic 3 Diversity And Global Perspectives Of Care DQ1

Topic 3


  1. Discuss the role of the advanced registered nurse in promoting health and disease prevention for diverse populations.
  2. Discuss the impact of diversity, global perspectives, and the advanced registered nurse’s role in advancing health equity.
  3. Relate cultural and spiritual competence to the advanced registered nurse’s scope of practice.
  4. Determine the effect of personal worldviews on professional practice.


Topic 3 DQ 1

Identify a population that you will likely serve as an advanced registered nurse that you think is particularly vulnerable to issues of health disparity/inequity. Discuss the contribution of your particular specialty to health promotion and disease prevention for this population. How do issues of diversity and global perspectives of care contribute to your understanding of health equity as it relates to this population?

Diversity and global perspectives of care Sample Approach NUR 513

Quality healthcare is a human right, but different groups of people may not have access to it. This could be because of their race, ethnicity, gender, physique, disability, or socioeconomic class. This causes the patient’s condition to deteriorate or the emergence of new comorbidities as a result of the untreated condition.

People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to inequality. Organizational, architectural, behavioral, and communication barriers all impede quality care (Yakobi, 2013). As a nurse, regardless of the patient’s disability, the patient’s health comes first, and because prevention is better than cure, health promotion and disease prevention should be implemented. Health promotion empowers people to take charge of their health and improve it (WHO, 2019). Some health promotion strategies for this population include mass education, nurse training, the establishment of easily accessible and disability-friendly facilities, and medical conferences.

The people should be educated on lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol use should be discouraged. Exercise, according to their disability, and eating healthy balanced meals is encouraged. They should be educated on the occupational and environmental hazards and how to avoid them. The community and government should establish disability-friendly clinics. This means that the machines and facility setting should be easily used; for example, using ramps instead of stairs. The healthcare professionals should be trained on how to handle these patients, for example; learning sign language. With the help of the community health workers, and involvement of other professionals such as physiotherapists, doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists, the nurse can organize medical camps.

In my understanding, diversity should not be an excuse for health disparity. Instead, it should be a chance for the government to show its support for the population by creating a health care system that is accessible to all. People living with disability are humans, just like any other. The conditions they get are more or less the same hence need the same quality and equity in health care.

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