NURS 3150 Week 3 Discussion Topic (Walden University)

Prepare a 350-word post discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the sampling method used in this study and if the sampling method promoted reliable and valid results. Include in the discussion if there is anything the researcher could have done to improve the sampling process.

Week Discussion Sample Brief:

The Study Used Pre And Post-Test Experimental Strategies With A Non-Random Task To Conclude If Music Reduces Anxiety In Women Receiving Gynecologic Surgery And To Study If It Affects Their Physiologic Boundaries. Women Were Requested From A 150-Bed Government Hospital Out Of The Philippines Throughout September To November 2013. To Be Appropriate To Partake In The Study, The Women Could Have No Hearing Difficulties, 18 Years Old, No Pre Surgical Morbidities, Signed A Consent Form, And Undertaking Gynecologic Surgery.

The Study Consisted Of 97 Females. 49 Women Were Assigned To The Control Group (Non-Music) And 48 Were Assigned To The Experimental Group (Music Group). Three Types Of Pre Recorded Music Were Used In The Study Containing Classical, Country, And Nature Sounds With Slow And Flowing Tempos. The Music Tempo Was Largely Selected With The Help Of A Music Expert, To Mimic The Human Heart Beat.

In A Systematic Review Of Recent Studies Describing The Clinical Effects Of Music Intervention Preoperatively, It Has Been Suggested That Music Used Therapeutically Should Have The Following Characteristics: (A) Slow And Flowing Music, (B) Approximately 60 To 80 Beats Per Minute, (C) Is Nonlyrical, (D) Consists Predominantly Of Low Notes, (E) Is Comprised Mostly Of Strings With Minimal Brass Or Percussion, And (F) Has A Maximum Volume Level At 60 Decibels (DB; Cepeda, Carr, Lau, & Alvarez, 2006; Nilsson, 2008)



As I become more familiar with various research designs, I realize that the goal of all methods of medical research is to optimize patient care by generating new knowledge while maintaining the rights and interests of any human subjects involved (Izet, Ajila, & Smaila, 2014). So much is considered for a valuable and reliable study.

This week’s focus involved the influence of music on the anxiety level of preoperative female patients planning to undergo gynecologic surgery (Labrague & McEnroe-Petitte, 2016). After reading the assigned resources, I found myself critiquing the study in ways that I wouldn’t have prior to this course.

NURS 3150 Week 4 Assignment 1 (Walden University)


 Qualitative Research Methods: Sarvestani, R. S., Moattari, M., Nasrabadi, A. N., Momennasab, M., & Yektatalab, S. (2015). Article

NURS 3150 Week 4 Assignment 2 (Walden University) Description

Qualitative Research Methods: Walsh, A., Meagher-Stewart, D., & Macdonald, M. (2015).


(Walden University) Description


Developing a research study to maximize care for our patients and promote health and wellness within the community can be challenging. Choosing which type of research methodology to apply can be difficult if the researcher is unfamiliar with the characteristics of each type. Qualitative research is more difficult to analyze than quantitative research. With qualitative research it is impossible to precisely measure outcomes.

It relates more to experiences and reasoning and involves an understanding of relationships between variables. Qualitative research may be described as somewhat of a starting point for further analysis of treatment or investigation of evidence based practices (EBP).

NURS 3150 Week 5 Assignment 1 Quantitative Analysis Assignment Description
Week 5: Quantitative Analysis Assignment
Summary Data Analysis Form

This is the form you need to use to describe the findings (or results) of your quantitative analyses of the patient safety data set. For each finding, you are given specific instructions on how to use the Excel program to analyze the data that will give you the results you need for this Assignment. When you have completed the analyses and described your findings on this form, you then need to submit it using the Week 5 platform for assignments.

NURS 3150 Week 5 Assignment 2 Qualitative Analysis Assignment Description
Week 5: Qualitative Analysis Assignment
Code Sheet: Student Pet Peeve Data

Qualitative Analyses: The analytic method you will use to analyze the narrative data for this Assignment is called content analysis. It requires you to read each student’s narrative and then code its content using the thematic categories on page 4 (Coding

Scheme: Student Pet Peeve Data). Once you have completed the coding, you will need to describe the most common types of “pet peeves” that students have about their courses.

NURS 3150 Week 6 Assignment 1 (Walden University) Description

Medication Administration Errors & Intervention.