NURS 4221 Week 1 Discussion Essay (Walden)

What is quality? Per Spath (2013) quality is a factor of produce or service that has been provided. Always something that can be improved, ever changing, or meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customers (Spath, 2013). There are several attributes that make up the quality of healthcare. It is not just patient care or the outcome of a procedure. Sometimes the “shoe is on the other foot” and we as the health care worker are faced.

NURS 4221 Section C, Leadership Competencies In Nursing And Healthcare – Quality Improvement For Falls

Sample Paper Excerpt

The issues of falls have been around since the age of nursing. Falls affect both the facility and the patient that has fallen. Falls affect the facility due to the cost of insurance, decrease in the star rating, in admissions, a decrease in accreditation due to safety issues, and the quality measures for that facility. Falls affect the facility in money, as well, if they are found negligent when sued. Falls affect the patient both physical and mentally.

The patient is affected physically from injury. One in five falls result in physical injury such as broken bones (Centers for Disease and Prevention, CDC, 2020). There are a total of 3 million older adults in a year who are treated in the ER due to falls (CDC, 2020). Of the patients who fall, there are 65,000, who will fracture a hip each year (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (AHRQ), 2020).

In 2015, $50 million was spent for falls in the US (CDC, 2020). Falls can also cause a fear of falling, decrease in quality of life, decrease function, and death (AHRQ, 2020).

One in every three residents in a nursing facility will fall at least two times a year (AHRQ, 2020). For the purpose of this paper, we will review the fall rate of my facility, current practices, and steps to improve the practices to prevent future falls. Practice Problem

The data that was collected and reviewed from the Willows personal care unit was from August of 2019 to August of 2020. There were a total of 284 falls during this time frame. It ranged from 16-31 falls a month. The purpose was to establish if falls were truly an issue for this unit and with the data; falls were determined to be a significant safety issue. During the next few months, data will continue to be collected and processes will be put in place. There will be a review of the data, the interventions, and processes in two months.

NURS 4221 Week 1 Practice Pain Management (Walden)

With working with hospice, our company also gives out surveys and the results are displayed publicly just as well as the hospitals. As of now they can only see the company but in …