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NURS 6003 Week 9 Latest Quiz

NURS 6003 Week 9 Latest Quiz

NURS 6003 Week 9 Latest Quiz

Question 1

Students document the completion of their practicum time is what location?

Question 2

When must onboarding requirements be completed?

Question 3

A list of field sites that Walden has an affiliation agreement with in in Meditrek includes guaranteed practicum sites and preceptors.

Question 4

Where do students request and submit their onboarding requirements?

Question 5

Faculty, students, and preceptors must participate in a call to evaluate a student’s performance during the course.  How many calls are required each course

Question 6

All MSN specialties require a practicum experience at some point during the educational program.

Question 7

Information that will need to be included in the practicum application includes:


Question 8

The due date for Preceptor applications is:

Question 9

The preceptor commitment form and the affiliation agreement are the same thing.

Question 10

An affiliation agreement is a legal agreement required between the practicum agency and Walden.

These agreements are easily developed, are standard documents, and only require a signature.

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