NURS 6512 Week 8 Assignment: Lab Assignment (Optional): Practice Assessment: Musculoskeletal Examination

A description of symptoms alone is not enough to form an accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. Before forming a diagnosis, advanced practice nurses need to perform a physical examination. Although the musculoskeletal examination is relatively simple, it still needs to be performed multiple times before it can be mastered.

In preparation for the Comprehensive (Head-to-Toe) Physical Assessment due in Week 9, it is recommended that you practice performing a musculoskeletal examination this week.

Note: This is a physical assessment.

To Prepare

  • Arrange an appropriate time and setting with your volunteer “patient” to perform a musculoskeletal examination.

Download and review the Musculoskeletal Checklist provided in this week’s Learning Resources as well as review the Seidel’s Guide to Physical Examination online media.

The Lab Assignment

Complete the following in Shadow Health:

  • Musculoskeletal (Practice)