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NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database

NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database

NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database

Assignment #1: PICOT and Database

Critically Appraising Knowledge

Questions 1-10 are worth one point each
1.   Article Citation (APA):
2.   PICOT Question:
Overview/General Description of Study:
3.   Purpose of Study:
4.   Study Design:


5.   General Description of Study:



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Nursing Assignment


6.   Research Question(s) or Hypotheses:



     7. Study Aims:
8.   Sampling Technique, Sample Size & Characteristics:
Major Variables Studies:
9.   Independent Variable:
Dependent (outcome) Variable(s):
 10.  Variable Analysis Used (include whether appropriate to answer research questions/hypothesis or discover themes): NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database




Rapid Critical Appraisal Questions for Randomized Clinical Trials (RCT) 30 points for this section. Questions 1-15 are worth 1.5 points each. Circle your yes, no answers AND provide rationale. Type in your answer where there is not a yes/no option.

VALIDITY                        Rationale
Are the results of the study valid?
1. Were the participants randomly assigned to the experimental and control groups? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  
2. Was random assignment concealed from the individuals who were first enrolling participants into the study? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  
3. Were the participants and providers blind to the study group? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  
4. Were reasons given to explain why participants did not complete the study? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  
5. Were the follow-up assessments conducted long enough to fully study the effects of the intervention? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  
6. Were the participants analyzed in the group to which they were randomly assigned? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  
7. Was the control group appropriate? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  
8. Were the instruments used to measure the outcomes valid and reliable? Yes No Unknown  
9. Were the participants in each of the groups similar on demographic and baseline clinical variables? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown  


What are the results?      
10. How large is the intervention or treatment effect (NNT, NNH, effect size, level of significance)? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database __ __  
11. How precise is the intervention or treatment (CI)? __ __  
Will the results help me in caring for my patients?      
12. Were all clinically important outcomes measured? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown
13. What are the risks and benefits of the treatment?      
14. Is the treatment feasible in my clinical setting? NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database Yes No Unknown
15. What are my patient’s/family’s values and expectations for the outcome that is trying to be prevented and the treatment itself?      


  1. Would you use the study results in your practice to make a difference in patient outcomes? 3.5 points. NURS444 Assignment 1 PICOT and Database
  • If yes, how?
  • If yes, why?
  • If no, why not?


  1. Recommendation for article use within a body of evidence: 1 point



  1. Add a reference page to this document for 3 points




NURS444 Assignment II. PICOT and Database Assignment Guidelines

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to develop basic skills in computerized database search methods and in summarizing and synthesizing findings of research.

This assignment supports the following course outcomes:

  • Analyze the inter-relationships between theory, practice, and research to support holistic nursing
  • Apply skills in computerized data base search methods including the evaluation of source credibility to a clinical question.

Assignment: This assignment comprises 40 points (approximately 19% of your grade).

  1. After completion of module 10, and using a PICOT question developed through the discussion in module 2, conduct a database search. Use at least three databases to locate scholarly articles (these may be primary studies, systematic reviews and/or practice guidelines) that address your PICOT Make sure you save your search strategies.
  2. Write a 4 – 6 page paper (not including title page, references or tables) that includes:
    1. The PICOT(s) question
    2. The database search process (summarize in text; details in table).
    3. A summary of three articles

For each article write a 1 – 3 paragraph synopsis of each study including:

  1. Why – How – What
    1. For “Why”: Identify the purpose of the study, review, or guideline
    2. For “How” explicitly include the type of study (Meta-analysis/Systematic Reviews, RCT/Experimental, Correlational, Case Study), the sample, the intended population, the measures used in relationship to your PICOT question
      1. For a single research study indicate if the study was quantitative or qualitative, and if quantitative, what type of quantitative study; sample process and type of sampling used
      2. If a review, indicate the type of review; indicate how many studies reviewed and types of studies reviewed.
      3. If guideline, indicate the organization(s) publishing the guideline; indicate how many studies reviewed and types of studies reviewed.
      4. Population
    3. For “What” identify the key findings in relation to your PICOT question, if the findings were statistically significant, and key limitations in relationship to your PICOT question (as discussed by the authors). For students who use qualitative studies, rather than “statistical significance, you will need to address the methods the author used to support findings.
  2. A one – two paragraph synthesis of the summarized articles as they relate to your PICOT question. Indicate if all the findings are in agreement or if there are differences noted in the findings.
  3. Attachments: Complete the two attached worksheets and include them as appendices to the paper.
  4. Database search worksheet
  5. Table of literature
  1. This is an APA paper, include:
    1. Title page with running head
    2. Page numbers
    3. Headings and subheadings
    4. Correct fonts, spacing, and margins
    5. Appendix of search strategies
    6. Appendix of table of literature reviewed
    7. Citations and a reference list.

Grading Rubric

Elements Points




PICOT question

·    Contains all appropriate elements and is an answerable question

Summary of database searches

·    Clearly summarizes databases searched and search strategies.

·    Clearly summarizes changes and strategies

used to obtain high quality results

Summary of articles

·    Includes Why – How – What and populations

Syntheses of articles

·    one – two paragraphs

·    Accurately synthesizes findings

Table of database searches

·    Information complete

·    Terms, search strategies and databases appropriate to clinical question

·    Appropriate use of Boolean operators and


Table of literature

·    Information complete

·    Information provided is specific to student’s PICOT question

·    Findings clearly presented and reflect PICOT question

·    Clearly and succinctly presented

Writing and APA 8    


Total 40    


PICOT question

Appendix A


Databases Searched and Search Outcomes


Database                              Search terms and Boolean operators

Limits (e.g., language, type of research;

Number of articles found

Name of article kept for summary







Picot Question

Appendix B


Table of Summarized Literature




Author(s) Journal or source and date

Question(s) or hypothesis(es) related to your PICOT question; and variables (if primary research)

Design, sample, setting (if review article, number of studies reviewed and design of studies; if a guideline, population the guideline addresses and the organization writing the guideline)

Findings (related to your PICOT question)






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