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Nursing and Non-Nursing Theories

Why Study Nursing and Non-Nursing Theories

Nursing and Non-Nursing Theories
Borrowed Theories Used in Nursing

Nursing and non-nursing theories form the foundation of nursing interventions and personal care plans. For effective administration of nursing procedures, students must understand the application of nursing theories versus non-nursing theories. This is because these theories are used to develop nursing models. Nursing Essay Acers has assembled a team of experienced writers to help you with assignments that cover the application of nursing theories versus non-nursing theories. By doing this, we help you comprehend how the two categories of theories can be integrated to enhance nursing practice. Moreover, studying these theories and the concepts around them will help you understand the process of development of the available nursing models. The nursing theories include need theory, unitary human beings theory, self-care theory, system model theory, interpersonal theory, transcultural nursing theory, and from novice to expert theory. To gain useful insight in this area, visit us today.

Hierarchy of Needs Theory

Nursing theories guide the behavior and conduct of the nurses. Even so, the nursing theories alone cannot deliver the required outcomes. Consequently, non-nursing theories are used alongside the nursing theories. One such theory is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory. Maslow developed this theory around the concept that man is a social being. Hence, his actions are motivated by the need to be cared for, loved, and appreciated. The Hierarchy of Needs Theory outlines the following needs as important to a man: psychological needs, safety needs, desire to belong, self-esteem, and self-actualization. During nursing care, the nurse must be keen on how his or her professional actions contribute to the realization of these needs.

The General Systems Theory

The other frequently used non-nursing theory is the General Systems Theory, which focuses on how we use the various components to develop a system. General Systems Theory is instrumental in creating a personal care plan. A study of the nursing theories versus non-nursing theories is meant to highlight the nursing models and their use in clinical interventions. The systems theory contributed to the development of the following models: Imogene King’s Systems Interaction Model, Betty Neumann’s Health Care Systems Model, and Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral System Model.

The Change Theory

The Change Theory is very instrumental in coming up with interventions. According to this theory, as human beings grow, their needs change. This change is dynamic, gradual, frequent, and is mostly unnoticeable. Therefore, the nursing practitioner must constantly identify areas that need change, the forces that impede changes and those that cause it, the ways through which it manifests, the impact of custom and culture on change, the change process, as well as the form and nature of the change. Contact Nursing Assignment Acers for more on Change Theory.

Development Theory

The nursing profession relies heavily on Development Theory for formulating nursing policies, interventions, and personal care plans. Hence, it is a key topic under nursing theories versus non-nursing theories. This theory stipulates that the only constant thing in human body is development. The development process begins at fertilization and continues through to death. The development theory identifies four main areas of development namely: biophysical, psychosocial, physical, and emotional development. Nurses are required to take into consideration all these areas when creating personal care plans. The Development Theory contributed to the formulation of Erikson’s Psychosocial and Freud’s Psychoanalytic Models of Personality Development. Freud’s model centred on the physical while Erikson’s model centred on the psychosocial aspects of human development. Together, they form a holistic approach to human development.

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