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Nursing PICO Question Poster 5

Nursing PICO Question Poster 5

Nursing PICO Question Poster 5

Do supplements and complementary alternatives to medicine (CAM) in older adult women influence osteoporosis prevention?


I have attached the articles I used to research the PICO question as well as my annotated bibliographies. I attached the poster template and the project rubric (only poster for this assignment)


Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Poster Presentation


Purpose: To expand the student’s awareness of evidence-based practice in nursing and to encourage the

development of the student’s ability to share information with peers in a professional manner using a

poster presentation.

CONTENT: (55 points)

Step 1: Formulate a well-built question: Include why you chose this problem or patient. Use the acronym

PICO to formulate the question. For example: Is this use of heparin in maintaining patency of an

intermittent intravenous infusion better than saline.

5 Points

P=Identify the Patient or Problem (occlusion of intermittent IV infusion)

I=Intervention (use of heparin)

C=Comparison Intervention (use of saline)

O=Outcome (sustained patency of intermittent IV infusions)

Step 2: Identify and summarize scholarly articles (4) and other evidence-based resources that answer the

question you identified. Review the current literature. You must include nursing journal articles. Articles

should be dated within the past 5 years. Students may also use articles from the past 10 years (if having

difficulty and/or to demonstrate the progression of the research). Students may use both quantitative and

qualitative research articles.

A short summary of each article including title, author, date of publication, research design and method,

and journal should be included on the poster using APA format.

25 points

Step 3: Critically appraise and analyze the evidence. Use the format from the annotated bibliography.

10 points Nursing PICO Question Poster 5

Step 4: Apply the evidence to your patient or unit. How does the research compare to your setting,

patient or problem. 10 points

Step 5: What is your recommendation for practice and why? 5 points

FORMAT: (45 points)

1. POSTER (Visual) 20 Points

 Title and Purpose should be clearly evident  Poster should enhance presentation

 Each step should be clearly identified on the poster with related information.

NUR 398: Annotated Bibliography & EBP Poster Presentation Instructions/Grading Rubric


 Font should be appropriate size for easy readability.

 Use of colors should enhance presentation not distract.

 Ensure that all students and faculty can see the poster virtually.



 Convey the purpose in your introduction- a one sentence thesis statement.

 Include information related to each of the 5 Steps.


 Make sure vocabulary is comprehensible.

 Illustrate difficult concepts with examples.

 Avoid too many lengthy sentences.


 Speech should be logical and well-organized.

 The pattern is determined in purpose and should follow through to the end.

 Present points in a sustained pattern without long pauses.

 If the pattern of speech is complicated use visual to help audience.


 Use transitional words and phrases to aid the listener: furthermore, consequently, therefore, in



 Speech should have three clearly defined segments:

The introduction-informs the audience of your objectives and creates expectations.

The body contains the main points, ideas, arguments presented logically the longest part.

The conclusion should be brief to review the main points- no new information here.

3. DELIVERY (Vocal/Audio) 10 points


o Refers to the force of a person’s voice.

o Projection should vary: increase projection at major points.


NUR 398: Annotated Bibliography & EBP Poster Presentation Instructions/Grading Rubric


o Avoid sounding monotone by varying pitch.

o Modulate the pitch with the importance of ideas.


o Each syllable of each word you speak should be clearly articulated.

o Avoid dropping of ends of words especially “ing”.

o To avoid dropping ends of words keep your head up when finishing sentences and avoid

looking down to notes.


o Practice pronouncing difficult words before your speech.


o The rate of delivery- average is about 160 words per minute.

o By varying the rate you can emphasize various parts of the speech.

o A speech does have natural pauses- especially after an important point is made

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