Nursing Wellness Elder Plan Report

Your assignment is to develop a therapeutic relationship with a well elder in the community to learn about the aging process, and to develop skill and experience with the nursing process. This will be the foundation for assessing elderly individuals who are ill.

You will assess the communication and safety needs of the well elder, and you will keep a self-reflective journal documenting your experience with the assessment process, and evaluating your use of the nursing process. it has to be done on a real person not made up

Step 1

  • Identify a teaching need that you have assessed (communication, safety,nutrition). Ex. Nutrition: low sodium diet

Step 2 

  • Identify TWO learning objectives to meet this teaching need.
  • Using the following domains of learning, identify TWO domains of learning that will address the learning objectives.
  • Cognitive learning domain is exhibited by a person’s intellectual abilities (what learner is able to do).
  • An Effective learning domain addresses a learner’s emotions towards learning experiences (what learner chooses to do.
  • Psychomotor learning domain refers to the use of basic motor skills, coordination and physical movement (what learner can perform).


  1. The learner will identify 3 foods low in sodium. Cognitive domain
  2. The learner will substitute foods high in sodium with foods low in sodium. Affective Domain
  3. The learner will prepare a low sodium meal using a recipe from the Health Eating Cookbook.

Psychomotor Domain

Step 3 

What resources will you use to implement your teaching plan?

Ex. Family member; significant other; printed material from the Internet Food Pyramid Website; American Heart Association website; DASH diet; Health Eating Cookbook.

IMPORTANT: A copy of printed material from one resource must be handed in with the assignment.

Step 4

What do you want to teach?

Content Outline:

I.Define low sodium diet

II.Food Pyramid

a.Foods low in sodium

b.Foods high in sodium


IV.Product labels and their sodium content

V.How to prepare a low sodium meal

Step 5 

What teaching strategies will you use for each domain of learning?


Cognitive Domain: Discussion on what a low sodium diet consists of. Review components of the food pyramid. Use printed materials to reinforce teaching (Food Pyramid, DASH diet). Identify the learner’s knowledge of low sodium products through discussion. Allow time for questions regarding printed material.

Affective Domain: Discussion identifying foods low in sodium and high in sodium. Role playing – how to read product labels. With household food products, role -play with learners to identify sodium content on labels. Have learners / family members select 3 food products they commonly use that are high in sodium. Discuss substituting these items with low sodium products. Permit learners to express their acceptance of substituting the products. Have the learner practice preparing a low sodium meal whole providing feedback.

Psychomotor Domain: Demonstrate how to prepare a low sodium meal using recipes from Healthy Eating Cookbook. Choose a recipe that the learner will be able to prepare for lunch or dinner. Assist learners in making a shopping list of low sodium items. Have learners practice preparing a low sodium meal while providing feedback.

Step 6

How successful was your teaching? Evaluate each learning objective. What changes did the learner make to meet each objective (be specific; identify positive and negative comments.