PRAC 6640 35 Practicum Week 11

This week, you ensure that your preceptor has signed off on your clinical hour log in Meditrek. You also log in to Meditrek and print out your Patient Log for this quarter. 

Reminder: Clinical Hour and Patient Logs

This week, your preceptor must sign off on your clinical hour log in Meditrek. Contact your preceptor if you do not see this approval.

Additionally, be sure to log in to Meditrek at some point during the week and print out your Patient Log for this quarter. You will need to keep this log and provide it to healthcare organizations when requested, in order to secure privileges. It serves as a record of the patients you have seen.

Discussion: Clinical Supervision

Personal reflection and discussion with colleagues is essential to your development as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. In Week 8, you collaborated with colleagues as you participated in your first Clinical Supervision. This week, you have the opportunity to continue your collaboration as you reflect on and discuss your experiences with counseling older adults. Keep in mind that although there may be challenges to counseling this population, these clients offer unique learning opportunities. For this Clinical Supervision, consider an older client you are counseling whom you do not think is adequately progressing according to expected clinical outcomes.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Assess clients presenting for psychotherapy
  • Evaluate effectiveness of therapeutic approaches for clients receiving psychotherapy

To prepare:

  • Reflect on the clients you are currently counseling at your practicum site.

Learning Resources

Optional Resources