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Word counts: 400-600 words

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 5-paragraph format which includes an introduction, 3 paragraphs of discussion, and a conclusion.At the beginning of each paragraph, please clearly indicate the main points of that paragraph.

Contents: Please read the instructions carefully and answer all the questions. Also, make sure to use course materials. All the readings are in attachments.

Grammar: There should be as few grammar errors as possible. Quality: Please provide 80%+ work.

Instruction of this essay:

Two weeks ago Jim described a vivid, flashbulb memory from his childhood of the day he found out that his parents won the lottery. He remembered exactly where he was sitting in his house and what board game he and his siblings were playing when they heard the news. He even recalled the score of the game.

Recently Jim discovered that he was completely wrong about his recall of that day. How would you explain his inaccurate memory of this experience?

To help ensure the auto-feedback system will function properly, your response must contain a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 1000 words, though individual

prompts or your instructor may provide a more precise target range for word count. Your

response will be automatically reviewed by the system, and you will receive your grade after your instructor reviews and returns the scores. Your response should not contain