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The field of psychology has truly expanded over the years, and the number of specializations available is a true testament to the fields’ growth. Continued professional development research is essential to effective treatment. Based upon this week’s reading, what specialization do you believe you are most interested in?

Respond to these students:

  •  Lynelle: This makes perfect sense to me. Our health, especially our mental health, are usually centered around these 3 things. I think stress management and lifestyle choices go hand in hand. A lot of the stress in a person’s life was created by their choices and how they handled it. 

For example, there is a woman at my job who procrastinates on every project, she has a meltdown and can’t function when it’s due and blames the job’s “unrealistic expectations’ ‘ on her stress and health problems. I’ve tried to explain to her that her behavior is the reason for everything, but she refuses to be accountable. I think health psychology has a certain level accountability and allows the patient to be responsible for their parts in some things

  •  Marcus: This particular discussion might be the most important concept in society as we know it, thinking about healthy psychology generates the basic understanding of what healthy body, healthy mind. To establish or even maintain a healthy mind and body it is important to understand that creating good life choices increases one’s chances of living a healthy life. This also assists with the possibilities of dealing with stress

management, usually stress is created by complicated life events or struggles. If we can possibly find a way to prepare ourselves better by making better life choices in the beginning, especially during our learning stages of life based around academics and other positive activities that could increase our chances of having a better, more stable life we could minimize the chances of dealing with large amounts of stress.

 The old cliché that our bodies are a temple, could help explain the connections of life choices with potential chronic pain. If we take better care of our bodies and mine we could also possibly decrease the risk of developing chronic pains later in life. This concept in the atmosphere in which I plan to practice psychology in based around sports is very important when trying to teach athletes how to take care of their bodies and survive in the business of playing sports all the time. This is a perfect guideline for athletes.