As a nursing student, you must write argumentative essays to demonstrate critical thinking skills. The introduction is crucial for hooking readers, providing context, and stating your thesis statement. This comprehensive guide will help you craft compelling introductions.

Understanding the Purpose of an Argumentative Nursing Essay Introduction

The introduction serves several key purposes:

  • Engaging the reader’s interest with an intriguing opening hook
  • Establishing necessary background context about the nursing issue
  • Presenting the writer’s main argument in a clear, concise thesis statement
  • Setting the stage for the stance the essay will take on the controversy
  • Flowing naturally into the essay body by introducing main points

Think of the intro as a preview of your argument. It should spark readers’ interest, provide the context needed to understand your stance on the issue, and allow your thesis to shine.

The Anatomy of a Good Argumentative Nursing Essay Introduction

An effective introduction contains these important elements:

  • Hook – The first 1-2 sentences capture attention with an interesting fact, statistic, quote, anecdote, or thought-provoking question related to your topic. This motivates readers to continue. For example, including a shocking statistic on medication errors grabs interest on that nursing issue.
  • Background information – The next 2-3 sentences establish context by briefly defining key terms, providing historical background, presenting relevant statistics/data, or summarizing the circumstances that made this nursing problem significant. For instance, describing current prescribing practices helps readers understand the medication issue.
  • Thesis statement – The most important sentence(s) clearly state the writer’s main argument or position on the nursing controversy in a direct, concise declaration. For example, “This essay argues that nurse prescribing has been successfully implemented worldwide and should be allowed in the U.S. to increase healthcare quality and access.
  • Preview – Then 1-2 sentences mention the 3 main points or arguments to be discussed in the essay body that provide evidence to support your thesis.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing an Introduction for an Argumentative Nursing Essay

Here are key dos and don’ts:


  • Do engage readers with an interesting, relevant hook statistic or fact.
  • Do briefly establish only directly relevant background.
  • Do directly state your thesis clearly and concisely.
  • Do briefly preview the 3 main ideas that support your thesis.


  • Don’t use a boring, obvious hook statement.
  • Don’t give general background that’s commonly known.
  • Don’t make your thesis vague, unclear, or overly wordy.
  • Don’t preview too many points or details from the body.

Step-by-Step Guide on Writing the Argumentative Nursing Essay Introduction

Follow these steps to craft an effective introduction:

Step 1: Understand Your Topic

  • Thoroughly research your nursing issue from both sides. This allows you to determine relevant facts, data, history to establish context.

Step 2: Define Your Stance

  • Take a side and decide what your position on the controversy will be. This clarity helps form your thesis.

Step 3: Craft a Compelling Hook

  • Brainstorm ideas like questions, statistics, quotes to grab attention. Choose a hook tied directly to your topic.

Step 4: Provide Background

  • Give 2-3 sentences briefly explaining definitions, events, or context needed to understand the issue and your argument.

Step 5: State Your Thesis

  • Assert your main argument or position on the issue in 1-2 clear, concise sentences.

Step 6: Preview Main Points

  • Briefly note the 3 key points of evidence you’ll cover to support your argument. Don’t summarize everything.

Step 7: Revise and Edit

  • Refine the structure, clarity, and flow of the intro. Check for errors. Have someone else read it and give feedback.

Case Study – Good vs. Bad Intro on Nurse Prescribing Topic

Weak introduction:

Doctors and nurses have different roles. Some people think nurses should prescribe medicines. This essay will explain why I agree nurses should be allowed to prescribe.

Stronger introduction:

Medication errors harm over 1.5 million U.S. patients annually, largely due to flawed processes of prescribing and administering drugs. Our healthcare system could reduce these errors and improve outcomes by expanding registered nurses’ scope of practice to include prescription privileges. This essay argues that with advanced pharmacology training, nurse prescribing has been successfully and safely implemented in numerous countries and should be allowed in the U.S. to increase healthcare quality, access, and cost-effectiveness.

The strong introduction is more compelling. It grabs attention with a shocking statistic, establishes useful context on nurse prescribing issues, clearly asserts the writer’s thesis, and previews the main ideas to be argued. This sets up an essay that will logically build a persuasive case.

Final Thoughts on Argumentative Nursing Essay Introductions

In argumentative essays, the introduction plays a crucial role in engaging readers, delivering background context, stating your central thesis clearly, and setting the stage for your stance on the nursing controversy. Follow the step-by-step guidelines in this article to help you craft introductions that successfully hook your audience, establish your main argument, and set you up to write a compelling, well-structured essay. With an impactful, articulate intro, you’ll start your persuasive essay on the right foot.

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