Discussion Workplace Wellness Program PPT

Instructions: Choose a workplace within the community as the focus of your workplace wellness program. This could be your own workplace or another workplace with which you are familiar. This is a 2 part assignment in which you will create a written workplace wellness program plan and a brief powerpoint presentation.

Part 1: Written Workplace Wellness Program Plan

Your Assignment should be approximately 3–5 pages in length, written in essay format and include appropriate supporting citations and references in APA format. Address the topics listed below. Bolded items will help guide your work in Part 2 of the assignment.

  • Discuss how the needs assessment process should be used to identify health and wellness needs in a workplace setting.
  • Determine the appropriate health focus of the workplace wellness program (i.e., general wellness, stress management, diet and fitness, smoking cessation, etc.)
  •  Discuss the demographic composition of the workforce.
  • Discuss the role of leadership in supporting, modeling, and championing workplace wellness efforts.
  • Create a workplace health improvement plan that includes:
  1. A mission statement
  2. Measurable goals (at least 2) and objectives (at least 3) that align with overall business/organizational objectives
  3. A theory or model of health behavior to guide the program. Consider individual and organizational theories of change.
  4. Intervention activities (at least 3) that support the goals and objectives
  5. A discussion of how the intervention activities incorporate cultural competence and address diversity within the organization
  6. A discussion of budget line items and estimated total program cost
  7. Defined roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders
  8. An evaluation plan with at least 2 evaluation questions. You may present the evaluation plan in paragraph form or complete an evaluation matrix.
  9. A summarizing conclusion that describes a plan for program sustainability.

PART 2: PowerPoint Presentation

You will create a PowerPoint presentation of the “executive summary” of your workplace wellness program. The presentation must be recorded and submitted to the appropriate dropbox. The oral presentation should be approximately 3 minutes in length (no less than 2 minutes, no longer than 3 minutes).

Your PowerPoint presentation should be about 6 slides in length (no more than 8 slides, excluding the reference slide). Include a 30 second pre-written script for each slide.

The focus of the presentation is on the oral component, therefore, you should not include graphics or excessive text on the slides, however, you should strive for a professional appearance within the presentation.

Address the following items in your presentation of the “executive summary” of your workplace wellness program.

  • The name of your program and the workplace for which it was designed
  • Relevant details about the workplace and employees
  • Health and wellness needs for this workplace
  • The intended program outcomes/the “business case” for the program
  • The overall health strategy and primary intervention activities
  • A discussion of how the program will be delivered in a culturally competent manner