The conclusion is a critical part of an effective argumentative nursing essay. This article provides tips for writing a strong concluding paragraph that reinforces your central thesis and main points.

Is writing essays your hobby?

If you enjoy writing argumentative nursing essays, you likely understand the importance of a good conclusion. The closing paragraph is your last chance to impact readers and leave a lasting impression. An ineffective conclusion can undermine an otherwise strong essay, while a powerful conclusion can elevate an average essay. Mastering the art of conclusion writing is essential for success on nursing assignments.

What to Write in the Argumentative Nursing Essay Conclusion

The conclusion should accomplish three key objectives:

  1. Restate your thesis in different words than the nursing introduction. This reminds readers of your central argument.
  2. Summarize the main points and evidence that support your thesis. Recapping key ideas cements them in readers’ minds.
  3. Provide closure by linking back to your opening hook and explaining the broader significance of your thesis statement and supporting discussion. This gives a sense of finality.

Avoid simply repeating what you wrote in the essay body verbatim. Synthesize the key ideas into concise concluding remarks.

How to Format the Argumentative Nursing Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is typically 1-2 paragraphs that:

  • Follow the body paragraphs discussing your evidence and arguments
  • Precede any recommendation, implication, or reflection paragraphs if required
  • Are approximately 10% of the total essay length
  • Maintain the same double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font as the rest of the APA/MLA formatted essay

How to Start the Argumentative Nursing Essay Conclusion

There are several effective ways to begin your argumentative paragraph:

  • Refer back to your opening hook – “As the nursing shortage statistics mentioned at the outset demonstrate…”
  • Use a concluding transition word like “In summary” or “As shown”
  • Open with an impactful rhetorical question
  • Share a relevant anecdote or story you introduced initially

Argumentative Nursing Essay Conclusion Examples

Here are conclusion argumentative examples for essays arguing expanded scope of practice for nurse practitioners:

Example 1

As evidenced, restricting nurse practitioner scope of practice is detrimental. From the alarming doctor shortage statistics outlined initially to the data on improved outcomes within full practice authority, this essay has demonstrated that NPs should be empowered to practice to the full extent of their education and training to increase healthcare access. Safe, high-quality, cost-effective care depends on maximizing nurses' contributions.

Example 2

In summary, the arguments and research presented make a compelling case that dated restrictive policies should be reformed nationwide to allow experienced, specially certified nurse practitioners to practice independently. 

Doing so would unleash nurses' full capacity to provide complete wellness care for more patients. The conclusion is clear - expanding nurse practitioner scope liberates nurses to alleviate shortages and improve community health.

Example 3

As illustrated throughout this essay, overwhelming evidence substantiates that nurse practitioners require no further barriers to provide exceptional primary and specialty care. Lingering physician oversight requirements ignore patients' needs and nurses' capabilities. The time has come to recognize NPs as autonomous providers meeting critical healthcare demands. Our antiquated model must evolve.

Example 4

Who will provide rural and low-income community care when the last physician retires? This essay has shown nurse practitioners stand ready and able. Backed by proven safety records and volumes of medical research, nurse practitioners ask only for the authority to do what they have been rigorously trained to do - offer complete, ethical, compassionate care. Can we afford not to expand their scope of practice?

How to Finish an Argumentative Nursing Essay Conclusion

Wrap up your concluding paragraph powerfully:

  • With a call to action like a specific policy change proposal
  • By redirecting back to the argumentative hook to highlight the urgency
  • With an impactful rhetorical question or quotation
  • By envisioning the future, if your argument succeeds

Argumentative Nursing Essay Conclusion

A strong conclusion considerably enhances an argumentative nursing essay, while a weak conclusion detracts. Spend time synthesizing key points into concise, compelling concluding remarks. Utilize the tips and examples here to master writing conclusions that reinforce your central thesis persuasively and memorably.

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