NURS 6051 Week 9 Discussion – Impact of HITECH on My Organization

Permalink:…-my-organization/ Overall, the impact of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health ACT of 2009 has been very positive at my current facility. The electronic health record …Impact of Incentives and Meaningful Use

As listed above, meaningful use incentives are geared towards meeting the goals of … Article of Successful Meaningful Use

One of the pivotal goals in meaningful use is decrease in medication errors. Nuckols et al. wrote …Week 9 Discussion – Impact Of HITECH On My Organization

NURS 6051 Week 8 Discussion (Walden)

Practice Issue

The practice issue to be discussed in this paper is the use of needleless systems by nurses in the ICU. As a travel nurse across the south, I saw a significant disparity in different hospitals ….

Health IT Supporting Evidence-Based Practice

As mentioned in this week’s reading assignment, gone are the days when nurses were dependent on local libraries and monthly journals. With the advent of the internet and the on-…

NURS 6051 Week 10 Discussion (Walden)

RN PHI Responsibility

According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), protecting a patient’s … PHI and Portable Devices recommends NOT using portable storage devices to transport PHI due to the …

My Facility and PHI University Hospital is a Magnet hospital, and it prides itself on using the best evidence-based …

NURS 6051 Week 11 Assignment (Walden) Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Continuum

As a registered nurse (RN), working in an intensive critical care unit (ICU) is seen as the zenith of clinical skills and knowledge. Every day, you are continuously faced with critical decisions

Clinical Question

Will obtaining the CCRN certificate lead to nurses in the ICU obtaining more critical care knowledge that can lead to wisdom in their role as a nurse?

Data and Information

The American Nurses Association (ANA) define data as “discrete entities that are described

CCRN Search Knowledge on the CCRN

Transforming CCRN knowledge to Critical Care Wisdom. NURS 6051 Weekly Discussions and Assignments

NURS 6051 Week 11 Discussion (Walden)

Health Literacy Responsibility

According to the U. S. Department of Health and Services (HSS), all public health care Patient Resource to Evaluate Information One of the best online resources for both patients and health care professionals is the … Additional Strategies

According to a 2016 Gallup poll, nurses are once again seen as the most trusted and …

NURS 6051 Week 11 FINAL PAPER (Walden)

A Patient Guide for Clostridium difficile Walden University: Nursing 6051, Section 9 A Patient Guide for Clostridium difficile Clostridium difficile has been found to be the main cause of gastrointestinal-related death …Health Literacy Promotion Among Patients

The attached brochure was created for the sake of increasing health literacy and … Conclusion Since C. diff has the potential to kill or significantly disturb the health of patients, it is ...

Rubric Detail

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Name: NURS_5051_Week4_ Application_ Rubric

Grid View List View

Quality ofPoints:Points Range: 27Points:PointsPoints:PointPoints:Poi
Work(27%) – 30 (30%)Range: 24 (24%) –s Range: 21nts Range:
Submitted:Assignment exceeds26 (26%)(21%) – 230 (0%) –
The extent ofexpectations. All topicsAssignment(23%)20 (20%)
which workare addressed with ameetsAssignmentAssignment
meets theminimum of 75%expectations. Allmeets mostt
assignedcontaining exceptionaltopics areof thesuperficiall
criteria andbreadth and depth aboutaddressed with aexpectationy meets
work reflectseach of the assignmentminimum of 50%s. Onesome of
graduatetopics.containing goodrequiredthe
level criticalFeedback:breadth and depthtopic isexpectation
and analytic about each of theeither notns. Two or
thinking.  addressedmore
  assignment topics.Feedback:or inadequately addressed. Feedback:required topics are either not addressed or inadequately addressed. Feedback:
Quality ofPoints:Points Range: 5Points:PointsPoints:PointPoints:Poi
Work(5%) – 5 (5%)A clear andRange: 4 (4%) – 4s Range: 3.5nts Range:
Submitted:comprehensive purpose(4%)Purpose of(3.5%) – 3.50 (0%) – 3
The purposestatement is providedthe assignment is(3.5%)Purpose(3%)No
of the paperwhich delineates allstated, yet is briefse of thepurpose
is clear.required criteria.and notassignmentstatement vague orwas
  Feedback:off topic.provided.
AssimilationPoints:Points Range: 9Points:PointsPoints:PointPoints:Poi
and(9%) – 10Range: 8 (8%) – 8s Range: 7nts Range:
Synthesis of(10%)Demonstrates the(8%)Demonstrate(7%) – 70 (0%) – 6
Ideas:ability to criticallys a clear(7%)Shows(6%)Shows
The extent toappraise andunderstanding ofsomea lack of
which theintellectually explore keykey ofunderstand
work reflectsconcepts.Feedback:understandiding of key
the student’sFeedback: ng of keyconcepts,
ability  concepts.deviates
to:Understand  Feedback:from
d and   topics.
interpret the   Feedback:
AssimilationPoints:Points Range: 18Points:PointsPoints:PointPoints:Poi
and(18%) – 20Range: 16 (16%) –s Range: 14nts Range:
Synthesis of(20%)Demonstrates and17(14%) – 150 (0%) –
Ideas:applies exceptional(17%)Integrates(15%)Minim13
The extent tosupport of major pointsspecifically includes(13%)Inclu
which theand integrates 2 or moreinformation fromanddes and
work reflectscredible outside sources,1 credible outsideintegratesintegrates
the student’sin addition to 2-3 courseresource and 2-3specificspecific
abilityresources to supportcourse resourcesinformationinformation
to:Apply andpoint of support majorfrom 2-3n from 0 to
integrateFeedback:points and pointresources to1 resource
material in of view.supportto support
course Feedback:majormajor
resources  points andpoints and
(i.e. video,  point ofpoint of
required  view.view.
readings, and  Feedback:Feedback:
and credible    
AssimilationPoints:Points Range: 18Points:PointsPoints:PointPoints:Poi
and(18%) – 20Range: 16 (16%) –s Range: 14nts Range:
Synthesis of(20%)Synthesizes and17(14%) – 150 (0%) –
Ideas:justifies (defends,(17%)Summarizes(15%)Identify13
The extent toexplains, validates,informationies but does(13%)Rarel
which theconfirms) informationgleaned fromnot interprety or does
work reflectsgleaned from sources tosources toor applynot
the student’ssupport major pointssupport majorconcepts,interpret,
ability to:presented. Appliespoints, but doesand/orapply, and
Synthesizemeaning to the field ofnot synthesize.strategiessynthesize
(combinesadvanced nursingFeedback:correctly;concepts,
variouspractice. ideasand/or
componentsFeedback: unclearstrategies.
or different  and/orFeedback:
ideas into a  underdevelo 
new whole)  ped. 
material in  Feedback: 
(i.e. video,    
textbook) and outside, credible resources by comparing different points of view and highlighting similarities, differences, and connections.    
Written Expression and Formatting Paragraph and Sentence Structure: Paragraphs make clear points that support well developed ideas, flow logically, and demonstrate continuity of ideas.Sentences are clearly structured and carefully focused–neitPoints:Points Range: 5 (5%) – 5 (5%)Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarityFeedback:Points:Points Range: 4 (4%) – 4 (4%)Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarity 80% of the time.Feedback:Points:Point s Range: 3.5(3.5%) – 3.5 (3.5%)Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarity 60%- 79% ofthe time. Feedback:Points:Points Range: 0 (0%) – 3(3%)Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarity< 60% of the time. Feedback:
her long and rambling nor short and lacking substance.    
Written Expression and Formatting English writing standards: Correct grammar, mechanics, and proper punctuation NURS 6051Week 4 Discussion –Points:Points Range: 5 (5%) – 5 (5%)Uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation with no errors.Feedback:Points:Points Range: 4 (4%) – 4 (4%)Contains a few (1-2) grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.Feedback:Points:Point s Range: 3.5(3.5%) – 3.5 (3.5%)Contains several (3-4)grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.Feedback:Points:Points Range: 0 (0%) – 3(3%)Contains many (≥ 5)grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that interfere with the reader’s
Innovative Technology   understanding.Feedback:
Written Expression and Formatting The paper follows correct APA format for title page, headings, font, spacing, margins, indentations, page numbers, running head, parenthetical/in-textPoints:Points Range: 5 (5%) – 5 (5%)Uses correct APA format with no errors.Feedback:Points:Points Range: 4 (4%) – 4 (4%)Contains a few (1-2) APAformat errors. Feedback:Points:Point s Range: 3.5(3.5%) – 3.5 (3.5%)Contains several (3-4) APAformat errors. Feedback:Points:Points Range: 0 (0%) – 3(3%)Contains many (≥ 5) APAformat errors. Feedback:
citations, and reference list.    

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