Writing a profile essay in nursing is an exercise in storytelling, empathy, and critical thinking. Whether you are profiling a particular nurse, a patient, or a specific nursing practice, the essence of a profile essay lies in creating a vivid picture imbued with importance and relevance to the field. 

However, many writers often invest all their energies in the essay’s body and underestimate the power of a well-crafted conclusion. But what distinguishes an excellent profile essay from a good one is a compelling, insightful conclusion that leaves a lasting impact on the reader.

This guide will delve deep into the art of writing an impactful conclusion for your profile nursing essay. We will walk you through its purpose, the structure it should adopt, and how you can make your conclusion resonate with readers. We’ll also look at some tips to maintain balance and tone, ensuring that your conclusion summarizes and synthesizes your essay’s key elements.

What is a Profile Nursing Essay Conclusion?

A profile nursing essay conclusion is the final section of your essay where you wrap up your arguments and thoughts, leaving the reader with a clear understanding of your perspective and what you bring to the nursing field. 

It should summarize the key points made throughout the essay and offer a closing insight into your experience, qualities, and future goals as a nursing professional.

Profile Nursing Essay Conclusion Purpose

The conclusion serves multiple functions. It summarizes your achievements and experiences, reaffirms your enthusiasm for nursing, and provides a last impression that lingers in the reader’s mind. Moreover, it is an opportunity to re-emphasize your unique angle and why you would make an excellent addition to the nursing program or institution.

Writing the Profile Nursing Essay Conclusion Paragraph

Writing the conclusion is not simply reiterating what was said before but a chance to underline your enthusiasm for nursing, connect disparate points from the essay, and demonstrate your prospective contribution to the field.

How to Start a Profile Nursing Essay Conclusion

Begin by revisiting the main points from your essay introduction and body paragraphs. This doesn’t mean copy-pasting previous sentences but synthesizing the points to demonstrate how they fit together to form a coherent and compelling narrative about you. Opening lines should recapture the reader’s attention and prepare them for the following summarization and insight.

How to Write a Nursing Essay Conclusion

A well-structured conclusion will leave a memorable final impression on readers. While the exact structure can vary based on your essay’s length and complexity, a thorough conclusion generally contains the following:

Concise Summary of Key Points

  • Briefly recap 2-3 of the most compelling strengths, skills, experiences, and accomplishments highlighted throughout your profile.
  • Focus on elements directly relevant to showcasing your nursing potential.
  • Use fresh phrasing rather than restating verbatim from the profile body paragraphs.

Reiteration of Your Unique Perspective

  • Spotlight what makes you stand out as an applicant, such as your background, motivations, perspectives, or stories.
  • Remind readers of the distinct passion, empathy, resilience, or creativity you bring.
  • Demonstrate what makes you an individual worth admitting over other applicants.

Forward-Looking Statement

  • Articulate 1-2 nursing-related goals, plans, or aspirations beyond just getting into the program.
  • Share your vision for how you will apply your strengths to help patients and excel as a nurse.
  • Convey your commitment to lifelong learning and professional development in the nursing field.

Passionate Yet Professional Tone

  • Maintain an authentic, approachable tone while upholding maturity and respect.
  • Express passion for nursing in a realistic, grounded way.

Coherent Flow of Ideas

  • Use transitions to connect summarized points, unique qualities, and future goals.
  • The conclusion should build a cohesive narrative rather than jump between disjointed thoughts.

How to Conclude a Profile Nursing Essay Conclusion

Conclude by re-emphasizing your passion for nursing and future career aspirations. This could be through a poignant anecdote, a future-focused statement, or a call to action for yourself as you advance in your nursing career. The idea is to end on a memorable note, providing something for the reader to ponder after they’ve finished reading.

Tips for Writing an Effective Nursing Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph is pivotal in reinforcing your central themes and leaving a powerful final impression on readers. Here are some key strategies to end your profile nursing essay effectively:

Choose Impactful Profile Elements Carefully

Carefully select the most salient elements of your background, experiences, values, and skills to profile. Align chosen content with traits admissions teams seek in applicants.

Adopt an Engaging Tone and Voice

Maintain an accessible, conversational tone while coming across as mature and professional. The conclusion is your last chance to connect with readers.

Summarize Central Themes Concisely

Summarize 2-3 main ideas, arguments, or themes highlighted in your profile without restating every detail.

Demonstrate Growth and Commitment

Underscore ways you’ve matured through past challenges and experiences. Convey your passion for lifelong learning as a nurse.

End on an Uplifting, Forward-Looking Note

Close with optimism on how your experiences and strengths will empower you to excel in nursing school and make a difference as a nurse.

Keep the Conclusion Organized

Stick to 2-3 paragraphs optimally. Seamlessly tie together your main themes into a cohesive, unified conclusion rather than cramming in disjointed ideas.

Reinforce, Don’t Rehash

Avoid solely restating points verbatim from previous paragraphs. Synthesize key ideas in fresh language showing deeper understanding.

Proofread Thoroughly

Closely proofread for grammar, tone, or formatting errors, as the conclusion creates a final impression.

An impactful yet concise conclusion requires carefully reflecting on synthesizing your most compelling ideas, growth, and future goals.

Final Thoughts about Profile Nursing Essays Conclusion

The conclusion is not an afterthought but an essential component of your profile nursing essay. A well-crafted conclusion can distinguish between an essay that is merely skimmed, read, and remembered. 

As you wrap up your thoughts, remember to balance humility with confidence, be sincere in your aspirations, and leave the reader with a lasting impression of you as a promising and dedicated future nursing professional.

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